Herbalife "Multivitamin Toner" review

I'm telling you, I use to SWEAR BY Clinique's Clarifying Lotion! I would not use anything else but that 3-step until I realized that I was spending way too much on these products and looked for a cheaper alternative. Fast forward to me becoming an Herbalife Distributor and finding out that they make skin care products too!!

I was hesitant to try their Multivitamin Toner because as women, once we find something that we like, we stick to it. That hesitation quickly turned into relief when I noticed that the product wasn't harsh on my skin at all and still got rid of the dirt. When I used Clinique, my skin would tingle (not necessarily in a good way) and God forbid if I had a pimple (or the sort) on my face, it would burn! With using Herbalife, which contains no alcohol, there was no burning sensation and my skin felt nourished and hydrated after (not left dry). 

Herbalife's Multivitamin Toner contains witch hazel which helps remove residue without stripping the skin, while tea tree oil helps control shine. This toner leaves the skin feeling clean, refreshed and non-greasy, while helping control skin oils and reduces the appearance of pores. It's also rich in vitamins A, C and E.

Have you tried this toner? What face products are you currently using? 


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