My Top 5 Beauty Products for flawless glowing skin

Once you find skin care products that work for you, it's like winning the lottery! All of the trials and errors of using harsh products that burned, left my skin not hydrated enough are over.


My Top 5 Beauty Products....

  1. Herbalife SKIN Soothing Aloe Cleanser: I LOVE this cleanser because it's very moisturizing on my normal - dry skin. It gently cleans any dirt, excess make up and environmental impurities from my skin w/o being too harsh. It contains aloe vera (good for softening & moisturizing), Rosemary,  Vitamins B3, C and E to promote healthy skin and it's Paraben and Sulfate free. I must also mention that I did have a few dark spots on my face and they cleared up in a week from using this product...... 5 STARS*****
  2. Herbalife SKIN Instant Reveal Berry Scrub: This scrub DEFINITELY lives up to it's name. I like this product because it is a gentle exfoliate on my skin. I use it once a week to get rid of the dead skin cells for smoother/glowing skin (of course water plays a part as well). It is Paraben and Sulfate free and is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and berry extracts.
  3. Herbalife SKIN Energizing Herbal Toner: I love this toner because it is alcohol free and doesn't burn or dry out my skin. It conditions while getting rid of excess dirt that wasn't all removed from the cleansing step and it leaves my skin feeling fresh with an invigorating feel. It contains Botanicals, Vitamins and Aloe Vera and it's Paraben free.
  4. Lumene Rejuvenating Eye Cream: I have been using Lumene products for 4 years now and they have never disappointed me! This eye cream is amazing in that it keeps my under eye area hydrated and helps prevent wrinkles and puffiness.
  5. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: This has been a staple in my routine for years now and I love how rich and smooth this moisturizer always makes my skin feel. It helps to strength my skin's moisturize content while leaving it glowing.
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Of course with proper nutrition and hydration on the inside of your body will ultimately shape how your skin looks on the outside. I try to take very good care of myself by making sure I take a multivitamin which supports healthy bones, hair and skin as well as making sure I have enough healthy protein, carbs, fats and water in my diet.

You can read about other products that I use in my routine here....

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What do you currently use to achieve healthy glowing skin???