9 Simple Steps To Look Fabulous Without Makeup


Makeup is a wonderful tool that fill women all over the world with confidence. It can be an outlet for their personality or just make them feel great about themselves. The beauty and cosmetics industries are some of the largest in the world, providing us with countless products to help us look our best. Some women will not leave their homes unless they have a fully made up face because they don't feel good without it, but excessive use of makeup can cause damage to our skin and hair over time. There is nothing wrong with enjoying makeup and how it makes us feel, but we should also embrace our looks without makeup and learn how to enhance our natural beauty without mascara or powder.

Here is a how-to guide to help you feel more confident without your makeup with a few simple steps....


Every day, all day we touch our faces with our hands, sometimes without even realizing we are doing it. It’s habit that comes quite naturally to us and can be difficult to break. Try to reduce the amount of time you spend touching and picking at your face. When you rest your head on your hand or rub your eyes, this is causing slight tearing on your skin that over time can cause damage and encourage wrinkles. If you have spot-prone skin, it can be tempting to mess with your spots and blemishes. Pulling and squeezing the skin on your face is another way you can damage your skin and cause scarring. The sweat and dirt on your fingers can make your skin problems worse. Most people don’t even realize the effects some of these everyday motions do to their skin in the long run. Notice when you’re unnecessarily touching your face and refrain from causing any more damage. If you have to touch your face, always ensure your hands are clean and use a gentle touch.U


One of the best ways to look good without makeup is by having a clean and fresh looking appearance. Washing your face twice a day with a gentle face wash will keep your skin looking youthful. It will also reduce the appearance of spots and blemishes on your skin. Again try to use gentle motions when washing your face and only wash twice per day. There are chemicals in your face wash that could irritate your skin if frequently washed during a short period of time. This is something you want to avoid. Too much washing with hot water can also remove the natural oils that your skin produces to protect itself. Start your washing regime by washing your hands thoroughly before you begin cleaning your face. Once cleaned use a moisturiser to keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated.


Water is a necessity we all need and makes our bodies and skin feel fantastic. If you’re serious about wanting to look good without makeup, you need to UP the amount of water you consume. It increases our skin’s flexibility and prolongs that youthful glow we all want to achieve. Keeping your skin hydrated will also be wonderful in hindering the ageing process as it can reduce the amount of wrinkles your skin develops. Drink eight glasses per day to achieve a natural dewy glow that not even concealer and foundation can produce.


If you like your eyes to stand out, you can still achieve a statement look without the use of makeup. Eyelash serums can be used to make your lashes appear longer and darker by conditioning the hair from root to tip. Mascara can cause your eyelashes to break, fall out and become fine. So by using a serum such as these on the IdolLashInvestigator.com website, you are making your lashes look longer and healthier. Investing in this treatment will boost your confidence and enhance your eyes, without needing a mascara wand to help you. You can go out knowing that your eyelashes are making an impact even when you're going makeup free.


Junk food can cause a number of health issues so it’s time to say goodbye. Changing your diet will not only make you look better on the outside, but you will also feel fabulous on the inside too. Switch sugary snacks and drinks for healthier fruit options instead, such as apples and pomegranate. Or make your own snacks at home to take to work or school. The sugar and salt included in fast food can make you feel sluggish and dehydrated. So again, drink plenty of water to remove unhealthy toxins from your skin and organs. It’s important that you eat plenty of nutrients and vitamins found in fruit and vegetables, but it’s also important that your body get’s protein and fat too. Eating a healthy varied diet is the best way of ensuring your body get’s everything it needs to function correctly. It will also enrich your natural beauty by making your skin, nails, eyes and hair look fresh and bright- meaning you can go without makeup and have more energy.


If you enjoy spending time outdoors, it’s important that you keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. While the sun can make your skin look better, it can also cause a great deal of damage from burning to skin cancer. This is damage you naturally want to avoid so protect your skin with a suitably factored sunscreen and apply daily. Do it first thing in the morning and apply to all areas of exposed skin. This may seem like a drastic measure but even when there are clouds in the sky the UV rays can damage your skin. It can also happen even if you’re outside for a quick 5 minutes. This prolonged exposure can cause your skin to look rough and wrinkled as you age. To look good without makeup, you need to protect your skin from this every day to ensure it looks healthier for longer.


Someone who smiles is always going to look more beautiful that someone who doesn’t. When you go without your makeup, make sure you do plenty of smiling. This will make you look younger and happier and will also have a positive effect on those around you. Over time this simple act will make you feel good about yourself and your overall outlook will become more uplifted. Walk tall and embrace this positive energy and you’ll be surprised how many people notice how much you’ve changed. Accept that you don’t need makeup to feel pretty and your confidence will be sky high.


Your eyebrows shape your face and enhance your natural beauty. Look in the mirror and notice the shape of your brows. You want them to look as natural as possible so if they are over plucked you will need to let them grow. To help your eyebrows grow apply a small amount of olive or coconut oil to your brows each morning. This will encourage growth and in 1 to 3 months you have some really impressive results. Once grown, ask an eyebrow expert to assist you in tidying up any stray hairs but still keep your look natural. Also, consult with this expert if they think you could benefit from a temporary dye. If you're use to rely on colouring in your brows with a pencil, this would make a great alternative. The expert will be able to advise you on colours that will suit your hair and complexion so your brows look suitable and attractive. Dying them too dark will spoil the natural look you are trying to achieve.



Your lips are another prominent feature of your face. Lipstick and gloss can make them look wonderful but they can look just as good without. Stop your lips from getting dry and chapped by using a simple chapstick. Your lips can also get damaged by the sun and wind, so keep them hydrated with water and protect them with sunscreen or an SPF-infused moisturiser. If you already have dry lips, use a toothbrush to exfoliate gently your lips before you go to bed each night. This will reduce the flaking and peeling of your lips, leaving them smooth and soft. Your lips will start to look better and their natural color will also be enhanced more.

These tips should help you feel more confident without the use of makeup, but the best way of feeling good without makeup is by telling yourself that you are. If you don’t believe in yourself, then you will never truly feel ok wearing any cosmetics. It might take some time to build up this self-belief, so begin by reducing the amount of makeup you wear each week. This will be easier than stopping all at once. Follow these tips and believe in yourself and you’ll feel more confident as a result.