4 Lazer Hair Removal Tips You Should Know


As a woman, sometimes it takes a lot for us to stay so glam all the time. One of the things that can get tedious to stay on top of is hair removal because who wants to consistently shave their legs to look on point in those short shorts if you really don't have to..... NOT I!!

There are lots of different methods to try, and finding the one with the right balance of maximum convenience and minimum pain is hard. Shaving has to be regularly done and waxing is painful and depilatory creams are a hassle. A lot of women go looking for a more permanent solution, so they don't have to deal with hair on a daily or weekly basis. Laser hair removal is becoming more popular, but there are a lot of myths about its usage. Here are some things you might have heard about laser treatment, and the real truth.

1. Laser Hair Removal Hurts

If you mention laser hair removal to anyone, their first thought is going to be about how much it hurts. Just the word "laser" sounds extremely painful. Lasers are used for cutting things and are found in evil villains' lairs, right? But the truth is that most people say that having laser treatment doesn't hurt. Many people describe it as being slightly uncomfortable, but it's nothing compared to waxing. The lasers warm your skin, and your dermatologist should then use cooling techniques to take the heat away. There's no need to worry about it being painful because it's nothing like you would first imagine.

2. It Doesn't Work on Dark Skin

When you read about laser hair removal, a lot of the information says it works best with light skin and dark hair. While this is true for many systems, there are some that are designed to work with all skin and hair types. If you find the right laser clinic, with a laser such as the Nd Yag, you can have treatment on your darker skin. Look for somewhere that specifies that they can provide treatment for all skin types.

3. Treatment is Expensive

One of the things that can really put people off is the thought that laser hair removal is expensive. You need to have a number of sessions, and it's not as easy as going to your favorite salon for a wax. However, setting up a few sessions could be cheaper than your think. The cost varies depending on the size of the area you want to have done. It will cost you several hundred dollars, but you have to compare the price to other methods. Laser hair removal will get rid of most of your hair in the targeted area forever. If you continue to shave, wax or use another method, you could spend much more than that over your lifetime.

4. It Takes Forever

Another misconception is that laser hair removal takes years to work. The truth is that most people only need between four and six treatments. These would usually be spread out across six months or so. Before you know it, your sessions will be finished, and you won't need to shave again.

If you're considering laser hair removal, do lots of research before you decide to go for it. It could change your life, but you have to know what you're getting into.

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