Achieve A Picture Perfect Smile With These Tips

We live in a world where photography is a part of everyday life; we take selfies and upload images to Instagram constantly. With that in mind, it’s only natural that we always want to look our best. When it comes to looking good in photos, one area that is crucial is our teeth.

Today, the world is an appearance-obsessed place. When we first meet someone, we form an opinion of them in 15 seconds, purely based on their appearance. One of the main factors that we take into account, to form this opinion is their teeth; that’s why it’s so important that your smile is perfect. (Well, as perfect as possible, anyway.) If your smile isn’t as picture perfect as it could be, you might be wondering how you can give it a makeover. Giving your smile, a beauty boost, is much easier than you would think.

Want to beautify your smile - here’s what you need to do:

                                          Image: Mark Bowden/iStock/360/Getty images

Take care of your teeth

You might think that this goes without saying, but it’s important, so its worth repeating. If you want a beautifully bright smile, one that looks fantastic in photos, you need to take care of your teeth. This means cleaning them twice a day, flossing and mouth washing - fail to do these things, and your teeth will suffer.

One of the most important things, when it comes to taking care of your teeth is the toothpaste that you use. If you aren’t sure which brand is best for your teeth, ask your dentist to suggest one. It may also be worth investing in an electric toothbrush if you don’t already have one.


Visit your dentist

When it comes to achieving a beautiful smile, the most important thing you can do is visit your dentist regularly. This means going for checkups at least once a year, preferably every six months. That way, any problems, such as staining or cavities, can be picked up and dealt with before they affect your smile.

A trip to the dentist might be expensive, but if you want a beautiful smile, it’s crucial. You can take care of your teeth at home, but you also need to see a dentist to ensure that they are healthy. Sometimes, we can’t spot dental problems ourselves; it takes a dentist to find them.


Get your teeth whitened

For a picture perfect smile, your teeth need to be dazzling white. The whiter and shinier they are, the better your smile will look. If your teeth are a little yellow - don’t worry, this is a common problem - it might be a good idea to have them whitened.

You can choose to whiten your teeth at home using an over-the-counter kit. Or, for more professional results, you can get them whitened by a cosmetic dentist. How you give your teeth a sparkle is up to you, you can go down the DIY or the professional route.


Perfect your lipstick

When it comes to achieving the most beautiful smile, a fantastic touch is lipstick. Popping a little of your favorite lippie on, will not only add color, making your teeth look whiter, but will also add shine to your smile. Just make sure that when you apply your lipstick, that you line your lips perfectly and don’t get any color on your teeth. Lipstick stained teeth are never a good look, especially not for a photo.


Achieving a beautiful smile isn’t as difficult as you would think, it might take some work, but it is doable.