Nail IT! 3 Things Your Nails Can Say About You

Nails are not only an indispensable fashion accessory for every good fashionista, but they are also an indicator of your health. You need to take good care of your nails, not only to look beautiful, but also because when you have health issues, your nails are likely to be the first to show. So good nails mean a healthy you! But do you know everything about your fashionable fingertips? Here are the top 3 things that you need to know about them.


Nails And Calcium Deficiency

You have probably heard that white spots on your nails are a sign of calcium or vitamin C deficiency. This is a myth! The white spots on your nails are caused by minor traumas as your nails were growing, such as putting too much pressure on them or accidentally banging your fingertips against the table. In short, white spots are completely harmless, and you can ignore them safely. There are indications of calcium deficiency that show on your nails. For example, if you have brittle nails that have a tendency to break easily, to split or even to peel off horizontally, this is a sign that the structure of your nail is faulty and lacks calcium.  

Additionally, weaker nails that have a growth slower than normal - bear with it, we’ll review the nail growth in a bit - and dry nails that tend to flake or break quickly are both signs of a calcium deficiency. For this, there is no way around it: You need to get more dairy products into your diet, and to use natural calcium supplements as part of your everyday meals. For example, you can research AlgaeCal reviews to find out more about your options. However, if the issue persists even with a change of diet, you should consult a doctor to monitor your vitamin and mineral intakes.


What Is A Normal and Healthy Nail Growth?

Growing strong and healthy nails is the concern of every fashion-aware woman. There are plenty of tips to follow to keep your nail healthy, such as not biting them for a start and protecting them from chemicals when you are using cleaning products. Additionally, it is important to know more about the healthy nail growth so that you can spot issues before it is too late. In average, your nails grow by 1.6mm in a month. However, men’s nails tend to grow a little faster. Additionally, the nails on your dominant hands grow faster than on your other hand. In short, you will need to take all these elements into consideration before you can say whether your nails are grower slower than they should.


Nails Are A Window To Your Entire Health

For a certified dermatologist, your nails are an essential tool to diagnose your entire health. While you are certainly aware that nail biting is generally a sign of stress, you probably have not heard of the following elements: A discoloration in your nail bed can be an indication of lung disease, capillaries in the cuticles can indicate an autoimmune disease, and yellow nails can even be a sign of pleural effusions. In short, a dermatologist can diagnose your troubles just by looking at your fingertips. So if you spot anything out of the ordinary, don’t try to paint over it, go and check with a specialist to determine if this isn’t an indication of something more serious.