Simple Low-Cost Beauty Additions To Prepare You For Summer

The days are getting longer, the parties going stronger, and the people are smiling. Summer is here. This is the best season of the year. This is the best season for us fashionista’s, who now, finally, have brilliant weather to positively look radiant. If you have holidays, parties or gatherings planned, you have huge social events to look forward to. You might even meet that special someone.

You’re prepared for it. In fact, you’ve probably spent a lot on a new wardrobe and have positively cleared your budget out. It always seems like that when you begin a shopping spree, it’s hard to stop. You need to put outfits together well after all.

If you’ve done this, and you’re finding that your funds aren’t stretching as far as they like, especially when it comes to your beauty maintenance methods, there are ways around this.

Here is the best advice for anyone looking to improve their beauty standard without putting a huge dent in their budget.


Great Skin

Great skin needn’t be expensive. Spending a lot on skincare is a great way to ensure you have glowing, zit-free skin, but it’s not vital. Instead, consider washing your pillow covers more often when you sleep or place a fresh towel over the pillow each night to stop the grease from accumulating during sweaty, hot nights in the summer heat. If you’d like to help clear your pores, consider steam therapy.

Grab a bowl that can hold boiling hot water (preferably not glass) and hold a towel over your head. Allow the steam to rise and soak into your skin. Then, continue your daily skincare washing. Instead of using expensive moisturizer, baby oil can function almost the same way. It will also help repair your skin after a long time exposed to the sun.


Great Smile

To have a great smile, you should obviously brush your teeth. You can also use teeth whitening strips that help you achieve that pearly smile. A great smile is one of the more attractive features a person can have. It’s an inviting and positive expression to convey to people, and it quickly catches on. If you’re planning on finding that special someone this summer, ensure your smile from across the bar is as lethal as you planned it to be. When it works, you also need to ensure you’ve prepared:


Great Breath

Sorry guys, I had to take it there....

No one enjoys halitosis. Even worse than normal halitosis is halitosis in the summer. People are trying to enjoy themselves, and you don’t want to ruin that by breathing your garlic sausage lunch on them. Use breath mints, or simply brush your tongue at the beginning of the day to remove most of the bacteria from it. That’s right, brushing your tongue (gently and not too far back) removes a huge percentage of the negative mouth bacteria contributing to your bad breath. Flirt with someone closely and have no fear you’re giving off the wrong impression.


Finally, the last great tip, as made obvious by the sun, is that tanning needn’t be an expensive affair. Literally lay down in the garden with adequate skin protection and you’ll look as golden and glowing as ever.

All that will remain is your beautiful, fashionable summer to experience. Have fun!