Dove Advanced Care Deodorant


I recently received my Dove Vox Box from Influenster (I am starting to LOVE going to the mailbox these days lol) and I was very excited to test out their new product! I have been a Dove fan for awhile now. I've used their other deodorants, body washes and soaps and to me, I really love the brand especially their dedication to empower women.

Dove Deodorant.JPG

Did you know that 36% of what you remove while shaving is SKIN??? Well I didn't either until I learned more about this new product (thankfully I have stopped shaving) but for all of you that still do, this product will help you care for your armpits.

What I love about this product....

  • The Smell. It is a very natural scent that is not overbearing and fruity.
  • It's Moisturizing. This deodorant does not leave my skin dry or flaky which is very important to me.
  • 48 hr protection. In my line of work (I own a fitness and nutrition company) it is very easy for me to smell (LOL) so I love the fact that this deodorant protects me against wetness and odor.



I will definitely be purchasing this product in the future and I believe it is one of the best deodorants from them that I've tried in a long time.

Are you a Dove fan? What products from the brand have you tried?


DISCLAIMER: I received the Dove Advanced Care Deodorant as a member of Influenster but as always, thoughts and opinions are my own.