Age Gracefully: What To Do & What To Avoid

It is a natural fact of life that we get older and there can be a variety of different factors that play a part in how well we age. We all know those people that seem to get better with age, don’t we? Whether it is down to genetics or looking after their body in a healthy way; there are several things that can impact how well we age. While it is a privilege that is denied to many, there are still things that we can be doing to make sure that we age as well as possible and feel the best about ourselves.

Here are a few tips and tricks to know what is best to avoid if you want to age in the best way.

Avoid Too Much Makeup

As we get older, it can be tempting to slip on a little more makeup than you normally would in an effort to help you look more youthful. But in fact, it could have the reverse impact. Too much makeup can dry out your skin, draw attention to lines and wrinkles, and make things look less than classy (think of spidery eyelashes, for example). So keep things more natural looking and light, and it will look much better.

Avoid Too Much Salt

Aging isn’t all about how we look on the outside, but we can age from the inside outwards too, and too much salt in our diet can have a negative impact on our health and our bodies. High blood pressure is also something that can play a part in how gracefully you age (or not), and salt is a massive trigger to make high blood pressure worse. So be vigilant about the salt in the food that you eat, as high blood pressure can lead to some serious health issues if left to get worse.

Avoid Overindulging

Having a little indulgence from time to time can be a real treat and a way to celebrate. But moderation really is key with this kind of thing. Alcohol can be incredibly calorific if we have too much, and can cause health problems ( as can smoking and recreational drugs). Overeating can have serious health issues for us too, so have a look at your lifestyle and see if there are any things that you can change. If you or a loved one is finding that they are dependent on things, then looking at somewhere like the Amethyst Recovery Center could be a good idea to get more information. Then you will be able to age in the best way possible.


There are always going to be some things in life that we find stressful- from work to our family life. But when we don’t deal with stress well or don’t make time for self-care, then it can lead to some health problems, such as heart disease and depression (or that pesky high blood pressure again). Manage your stress and take time out for yourselves and it can make such a difference to your health and well-being.


Feel Like You Have A Brand New Face

It’s easy to look at your face and feel downhearted about how it looks. Whether you have a flurry of spots on your forehead, or you are dealing with wrinkles underneath your eyes, you wish you could scrap your current face and start all over again. In fact, it leads a lot of people to lose confidence.

Here are three steps to take to feel like you have a brand-new face!

Opt for a face mask

You might be surprised how many benefits there can be from having a face mask. For one thing, if your current skin is looking a bit dull and tired, it can give it an instant lift, and you can be left with a stunning complexion. In fact, a lot of girls benefit from a beautiful glow after having a facelift. Also, if your skin is a bit dehydrated, a face mask can give it a boost of hydration. Therefore, you are less likely to have dry and weary skin. Also, a face mask can help with any redness you might be facing if you are prone to acne. It can clear it up to reduce the inflammation on your face. You could choose to buy a face mask which you can just buy and apply to your skin. After all, you can put it on your skin and then relax for 20 minutes while you induce the benefits of the face mask. Or you might want to make your own with natural ingredients. For instance, applying coconut oil to your face can do wonders for your skin!

Go for a facial treatment

A lot of people opt for a facial treatment if they are feeling low about their skin. After all, if you have tons of wrinkles and spots, it can be an excellent way to ease them to leave you with young looking skin again. It might be a simple treatment like a facial which you go for. After all, they can often apply creams to help your skin become soft and glowing. And they can give you further advice on how to protect your skin in future. If you are someone who has been considering a more permanent solution, you could opt for facial plastic surgery. I have come across a lot of women who have mentioned that for them, subtle surgery was the way to go.  But make sure you check out all the different options before you do consider going for a treatment.    

Go for a different makeup style

We tend to get into a routine when it comes to makeup. After all, we pick the same items to use every day, and we know exactly how we will apply them to create our daily look. But if you want to give your face a new look, it’s time to go different with your makeup. Opt for a new style which will wow everyone. After all, it can make you look completely different if you change your makeup look. You might want to try something different like extra long mascara. Or you ought to opt for a brighter eyeshadow to really raise heads, and then it can feel like you are a brand-new you without changing much!


And remember that you can try and rid signs of aging from your face by following a healthy diet and lifestyle.