Be The Envy At This Year's Christmas Parties With These Unbeatable Beauty Ideas

Everyone wants to sparkle and shine at their office Christmas party. It’s probably the main party you will need to go to during the festive season! But it won’t be the only one, of course! As you will no doubt have a packed social calendar of festive treats lined up, I’m sure you will want to be the belle of the ball at each engagement! Not sure how to get your sparkle on for Christmas? Here are some top ideas that can help you get ready for every party.


Get Treatments Before The Season Starts

Do you get a few different beauty treatments on a monthly basis? Maybe you always get your eyebrows waxed? Like to visit a nail salon for a manicure every month? Or do you indulge in laser hair removal treatments? Whichever treatments you like to get, make sure you get yours done before the festive season starts. Beauty salons across the country will be extremely busy in the run up to Christmas. So it is important to get in early! Otherwise, you may struggle to get an appointment at your local salon.


Go For A Simple ‘Do

Once December is here, there will be parties and engagements on most nights of the week. Things won’t just be confined to the weekend anymore, and that means you won’t have much time between leaving the office and going to the party. So you need a party hairstyle that is very quick to do and there is nothing quicker than an up hairdo! Another benefit of pinning up your hair is that it is suitable for the office as well. Get it right before you go to work, and you may not need to change your hair for the party! And that will save you a lot of time when you are getting ready!


Moisturizer Is Your Best Friend

One of the best things about all the Christmas festivities is the endless flow of fancy cocktails! There is nothing better than sipping on a sophisticated Cosmopolitan or Mojito. However, your skin won’t agree! In fact, all that alcohol will dry your skin out. There is one easy way to get over this problem and that is by increasing your moisturizer application! This handy lotion is your best friend over the festive season. Make sure you apply it at least twice a day and keep it in your purse in case you ever need to reapply throughout the day.


Prevent Bloating

All that partying can make bloating a big problem and all the yummy Christmas treats and candies won’t be helping either! But there are some things you can do to keep all that bloating at bay. Firstly, keep some aloe vera capsules in your bag. Take one of these after a meal. The aloe vera can help to keep your digestion in check, which helps prevent bloating. Peppermint capsules will also have the same effect. Try to limit refined sugar in your diet as well. This can make things worse.


Hopefully, all these fab tips can help you look the belle of the ball at your Christmas parties!


My Top 7 Skin Care Beauty Must Haves!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY (and Happy Bday to me :-) ),,,

I've updated my beauty routine a bit and added some new products that I've been trying out for the past few months now that I wanted to share with you all especially if you are in the market for something new.....

  • Herbalife SKIN Soothing Aloe Cleanser. I LOVE this cleanser because it's very moisturizing on my normal - dry skin. It gently cleans any dirt, excess make up and environmental impurities from my skin w/o being too harsh. It contains aloe vera (good for softening & moisturizing), Rosemary,  Vitamins B3, C and E to promote healthy skin and it's Paraben and Sulfate free. I must also mention that I did have a few dark spots on my face and they cleared up in a week from using this product...... 5 STARS*****
  • Rimmel London Eye Makeup RemoverI'm loving this product at the moment because it actually removes my mascara (which is my problem area) and doesn't take off a lash or two! It also leaves my skin moisturized, not dry and it's very affordable!
  • SkinCeuticals Sports UV Defense "SPF 45". Are you using sunscreen on a daily basis??? Me either... BUT don't let me be a bad influence on your skin because using a sunscreen high in SPF is a MUST (Cheryl... listen)! With global warming on steroids right now, you have to protect of your skin. I love this sunscreen because it is water and sweat proof and contains transparent zinc oxide which protects against UVA rays (proven to cause premature signs of aging).
  • Lumene Vitamin C Day Cream. Y'all know I love me some lumene! I actually came to know about this product from my line sister during my college days at Howard and I have been hooked ever since. It contains active ingredients from the arctic region like cloudberry, an age-defying seed oil rich in omega acids that protects and strengthens the skin). I love how this moisturizer gives my skin that dewy glow and keeps me hydrated all day.
  • Tu'el Eye Corrector Firm & Lighten Gel. 1 of the 2 new products that I have been testing out lately and am loving and with this product, a little definitely goes a LONG way! This product contains ingredients like blackberry and licorice which helps to lighten dark circles and increase micro-circulation.  Antioxidants- ginkgo biloba, wild thyme and vitamin E firm and tone to help reduce signs of aging. This gel is very absorbent and leaves my under eye area with healthy glow (not kidding).
  • Tu'el Eye Revive Firming Cream. The 2nd installment of my newest additions. I typically use this cream at night because it is more rich in texture. It contains ingredients like tripeptide 37, which helps rejuvenate appearance of the eye area and ups the production of your skin's collagen. Antoxidants bamboo silica, lycii berry, carrot seed and pomegranate help to brighten, tone, renew and protect skin from this cray cray weather and free radicals. Last but not least, it contains one of my favorite ingredients.... argan oil which helps to condition, nourish and strengthen fatigued skin.
  • Herbalife SKIN Hydrating Eye Cream. I alternate between this product and the Tu'el Eye Revive cream (I like to keep my skin on it's toes, so it doesn't become too product dependent). This eye cream helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keeps my skin moisturized for up to eight hours while I am resting at night. Some of the ingredients are vitamin B3, vitamins C & E, soothing aloe vera, macadamia nut oil, cucumber extract and peptide all of which help you to see results in just seven days!