Recipe For The Perfect Brows!

Shot by Q. Mothershed

Shot by Q. Mothershed

Your eyebrows are much more than a few wisps of hair above your eyes. They are defining features that make a huge difference to the balance of your face and overall look. Yet, so many women over-pluck their eyebrows or simply don’t know how to make the most of their features. If you want your eyes to look amazing with minimal effort and to give your face more structure, your eyebrows hold the key.

Here’s what you need to know.

Definition and Shaping

Shaping and defining your eyebrows is the first step to getting the low maintenance eyebrows you want. But you probably won’t like the next tip very much: you need to let your eyebrows grow out for a few weeks so that you can see their true shape and potential. After so much plucking, this will be a tough ask but it is worth it to regain a sense of what you have to work with.

For those of you who have already plucked your eyebrows into oblivion, don’t panic. Micro blading is a popular treatment that adds pigment to your skin giving you the illusion of thicker brows. Grow what you can naturally and then use this method to fill out your brows and add greater definition.

Take Care of Your Skin

While you are focused on shaping your eyebrows, you probably aren’t giving the skin underneath enough love and attention. A cooling lotion can really help to calm your skin after plucking and shaping your brows. A homemade lotion is usually the best way to ensure all natural ingredients and the best results. Plus, you can add any essential oils you like to get the scent you love.

You should be thinking about your skin all the time and doing the basics like drinking plenty of water and cleansing after wearing makeup will make a big difference in how it feels. Just because you can’t see the skin under your eyebrows, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve some attention!

Let Your Eyebrows Be

There are a million and one products you can use on your eyebrows but often, less is more. By reducing the amount that you pluck away and reducing how frequently you do so, you will find that your eyebrows are much healthier in growth and thickness.

There are a lot of different eyebrow fashions at the moment but the main thing to remember is that anything you do should suit your face shape and style. It’s silly to follow any fashion that doesn’t quite fit your personality and your face is pretty central to that! If you are in doubt, it’s always best to leave your brows natural and simply do a bit of tidying around the edges. Seeing a brow specialist is also a good idea as they will be able to give you a more seamless look than you might achieve at home. However, do make sure that you give them thorough instructions for what you want!


Spring Cleaning with Biore

Spring is almost here!

.... and as we all know it is the time best known as "Spring Cleaning". This time of year is best known as clearing clutter out of their lives, whether it be downsizing your home, wardrobe, getting rid of friends or relationships, RARELY do we take the time to self-care; especially for our skin, as that's where Biore is here to help!

Biore has two amazing products that are perfect to help get you right for the warm weather, cute outfits, vacations, fun times with friends, new or future baes.


Biore Self-Heating One Minute Mask is an amazing 1 minute deep cleansing mask that heats up as soon as you apply it (with the help of water). What I love about the mask is that it does not get hard and it rinses clean. This product contains charcoal which is a hydrocarbon and natural treatment for helping to rid your body of toxins and chemicals. With the help of charcoal, the mask helps to release dirt (which we know clogs pores), oil and impurities. It left my skin feeling refreshed and cleansed. While you may be skeptical how this mask could possible work so well in one minute, it really is the intense heating action that purifies your pores 2.5x better in that minute!

This 4 pack (which is also great for travelling) is available on Amazon for $5.82. If you want it now, you can also find similar pricing at Walmart, Target or other major retailers.


Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips are so magical! Again, this product contains charcoal which helps to remove deep down dirt, oil and blackheads from even the most cloggiest pores. This product works in 10-15 minutes to reveal a smoother nose with diminished pores. I have never used a pore strip before, so the removal process for me was a bit painful, however the results are so work it (just like waxing). Regular use will diminish the appearance of pores and help avoid complexion problems!!


You can get your 6 pack again at Amazon for $5.99 and they are also available at other major retailers.



Make A Statement This Holiday Season With These Beauty Tips

The holiday season is among us which means that now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to wow at all of the glamorous events you will be attending in the next few weeks. From holiday parties with family and friends to work dos, December is the time of festivities, which is why it’s natural to want to look your best and ensure that you make a statement with your look.

When you know that you look great, you feel great, which in turn boosts your body confidence and self-esteem. That’s why taking the time to ensure that you know how to wow this holiday season with your beauty regime is important so that you can look and feel fantastic at each and every party, get-together, and event that you attend.

Taking all of that into account, the question is: how can you make a statement this holiday season with your beauty regime? I’ve got some ideas...

Get some nailspiration

Red, green, gold, and silver might be the colors of the season, but choosing to have plain nail polish, even if it is in one of these shades, is not the way to go. Get some nailspiration - see what I did there?! - and choose a nail art design to show off on your nails instead. Don’t have the skill to do your own nail art, how about getting a professional to do them for you? Or, if money is a little tight then how about buying nail stickers or stick on nails with nail art designs on?

Add length to your hair

Is your hair a little on the short side to style? Why not add a little extra length to it with tape in hair extensions? They’re easy to put in and take out, are affordable, and look realistic - what more could you want? If your hair is too short to do anything with, then having hair extensions will allow you to style your hair in a way that adds that extra level to your look. 

Ensure your makeup is on point

Christmas parties and events are all about the makeup, which is why you need to ensure that your makeup is on point. You don’t want makeup that’s too over the top, but you do want to create a look that has style and a little bit of sass to it. You want your makeup to stand out for all of the right reasons, which is why taking inspiration can be a good idea - Pinterest has some amazing looks that you could use. For Christmas-inspired looks, glitter is always a must - whether it’s on the eyelids or the lips it doesn’t matter, just as long as your look has a bit of sparkle.


See, making a statement this holiday season is much easier than you would think, all it takes is a few smart beauty choices, that’s all.


3 Steps Towards Beauty

Attractiveness is a common concern for everyone, not just those who think of themselves as being beauty-conscious, and it is also something which is difficult to achieve. If you think that you would like to improve your level of attractiveness but you are unsure where to start, it helps to first take a step back and think about it. You need to understand what it is that you really want to achieve, so that you can work towards getting it much more easily and - hopefully - in much better time. In this post, we are going to take a look at the kind of process you might want to follow in order to get there.

Decide On What You Want

For many, the process of wanting to look more attractive can be never-ending. But for most people, it is a matter of wanting a few key things to be a little different. If you already have a strong idea of what you want to change or how you want to look, then you are on the right track. But if you’re unsure, and you just have a general sense of wanting to look a little better, then it might help to get more specific. What is it about your body that you really want to change? Is it that you want your skin to be brighter, or is it something more localized? For my cousin, for instance after giving birth and breast feeding, she wanted to get a breast lift procedure. Whatever it is, it is up to you to get it clearly in your mind before you set out to make the necessary changes. The more you understand about your own desires, the better off you will be.

First: Love Yourself

This one is easier said than do for a lot of us! No matter what kind of changes you want to make, you need to make sure that you are first doing everything you can to look after yourself properly. If you are not carrying out the basics of your fitness, you can’t reasonably expect to see the kind of bigger changes you are hoping for. So make sure that you are getting a decent amount of exercise, that it is varied, and that you are focusing well on your diet at all times. You should also be sure to get enough sleep, as this affects most of how you look in quite a big way. As long as you are looking after yourself, there is no reason that you can’t work towards looking your absolute best.

Take Specific Steps

Once you have set the framework for change, so to speak, it is time to start thinking about what specific actions you need to take in order to get to where you want to go. What steps these will be depends on what you want, and they can vary from modest to extreme. No matter what, it is a good idea to start as small as you can and gradually work your way up. You will probably find that this gradual incline approach is the best way to ultimately get exactly the look you want, and it is also the best way to ensure that you don’t throw yourself into the deep end - something which could end up making things worse in the long run.


The Dark Side Of Summer

Summer is the time to show off your beautiful self. You can ditch those jumpers which hide the best parts of you, and get the bikini back out. The sun’s rays will leave you with a gorgeous tan. And, the sun itself will make you happy, which will leave you feeling confident. What’s not to love? Well... Sorry to rain on the sunshine parade, but there are some downsides worth considering if you want to get the most from your bod this summer season. Here are a few of them.


How you feel about freckles is a matter of personal opinion. But, many of us hate those little brown blemishes that come to stay as soon as the sun’s out. Some girls look amazing with a face of freckles, but some of us just don’t get along with them! So, we have to wear foundation to cover them which stops our faces catching the sun. It’s far from ideal. The good news is, freckle creams could come to the rescue. These amazing products help your skin heal from the sun’s effects, and so fade your wrinkles. If you’re new to this idea, take a look at sites like to see which creams are worth investing in. Bear in mind that you’ll need to use these products throughout the summer months to get their full effect.


The sun may feel amazing, but its long-term effects aren’t great. If your skin looks older than you, you can probably thank the sun for it. UV rays are thought to be responsible for up to 90% of facial wrinkles. And, sites like can give you an even better idea of the damage the sun does.

Of course, the best way to avoid damage is to wear high factor sun cream and sit in the shade. But, who wants to do that? You deserve that tan you’ve waited all year for. But, it’s important you’re sensible. If you are sunbathing, make sure to take breaks every half hour, and turn at regular intervals. It might also be worth shortening the time you spend without suncream. Sunbathe for an hour, then crack out the high-factor. That way, you get the best of both worlds. It’s also important that you care for your skin in the right way after sun exposure. The sun dries your skin in a major way, hence the wrinkles, so make sure to moisturize often.


It’s not only your skin that gets a little dry in the sun. Ever experienced the horror of bird’s nest hair during the summer months? It’s not nice. This is the time of year you want to look beautiful, and your hair’s decided to be more unruly than ever. For one, keep straightening and drying to a minimum. Your hair’s already dealing with enough heat! If you go swimming, it’s also important to rinse your hair as soon as possible. If the sun hasn’t dried it out, the chlorine will!


Simple Low-Cost Beauty Additions To Prepare You For Summer

The days are getting longer, the parties going stronger, and the people are smiling. Summer is here. This is the best season of the year. This is the best season for us fashionista’s, who now, finally, have brilliant weather to positively look radiant. If you have holidays, parties or gatherings planned, you have huge social events to look forward to. You might even meet that special someone.

You’re prepared for it. In fact, you’ve probably spent a lot on a new wardrobe and have positively cleared your budget out. It always seems like that when you begin a shopping spree, it’s hard to stop. You need to put outfits together well after all.

If you’ve done this, and you’re finding that your funds aren’t stretching as far as they like, especially when it comes to your beauty maintenance methods, there are ways around this.

Here is the best advice for anyone looking to improve their beauty standard without putting a huge dent in their budget.


Great Skin

Great skin needn’t be expensive. Spending a lot on skincare is a great way to ensure you have glowing, zit-free skin, but it’s not vital. Instead, consider washing your pillow covers more often when you sleep or place a fresh towel over the pillow each night to stop the grease from accumulating during sweaty, hot nights in the summer heat. If you’d like to help clear your pores, consider steam therapy.

Grab a bowl that can hold boiling hot water (preferably not glass) and hold a towel over your head. Allow the steam to rise and soak into your skin. Then, continue your daily skincare washing. Instead of using expensive moisturizer, baby oil can function almost the same way. It will also help repair your skin after a long time exposed to the sun.


Great Smile

To have a great smile, you should obviously brush your teeth. You can also use teeth whitening strips that help you achieve that pearly smile. A great smile is one of the more attractive features a person can have. It’s an inviting and positive expression to convey to people, and it quickly catches on. If you’re planning on finding that special someone this summer, ensure your smile from across the bar is as lethal as you planned it to be. When it works, you also need to ensure you’ve prepared:


Great Breath

Sorry guys, I had to take it there....

No one enjoys halitosis. Even worse than normal halitosis is halitosis in the summer. People are trying to enjoy themselves, and you don’t want to ruin that by breathing your garlic sausage lunch on them. Use breath mints, or simply brush your tongue at the beginning of the day to remove most of the bacteria from it. That’s right, brushing your tongue (gently and not too far back) removes a huge percentage of the negative mouth bacteria contributing to your bad breath. Flirt with someone closely and have no fear you’re giving off the wrong impression.


Finally, the last great tip, as made obvious by the sun, is that tanning needn’t be an expensive affair. Literally lay down in the garden with adequate skin protection and you’ll look as golden and glowing as ever.

All that will remain is your beautiful, fashionable summer to experience. Have fun!


Be Your Most Beautiful Self Each Morning


Do you ever wake in the morning only to find that nothing looks right in the mirror? Your hair is dull and lifeless, you’ve got dark circles under your eyes, and your skin is starting to breakout? Me too, but unlike a lot of girls, I don’t panic because I know that no matter what the problem, I can always turn things around and start looking like my most beautiful self again.

If that sounds good to you, here are some simple things you can do:


Treat Your Skin with Extra Care

No matter what else goes wrong, if your skin is looking smooth, flawless and radiant, you will look great. That’s why you should take extra time to ensure your skin is taken care of.

If your skin often looks bad when you wake up, it could be that you’re using the wrong products for your skin type. To determine whether that’s the case, work out what your skin type is and switch up your products to match, Then, make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize daily. This will help prevent you from having bad skin days.


Stay Hydrated

If you wake up with dry, dull skin or bags under the eyes, it could be that you are not getting enough water during the day. By drinking lots of water, you can make your skin appear plumper, curb your appetite to control your weight better and ensure that your eyes are clear, bright and beautiful.


Workout Your Undertone

If you want your hair, makeup and even your clothes to look good and make your skin truly sparkle, then you need to work out what undertone your skin is. If your veins appear to be green, and your hair is naturally red, black, brown or strawberry blonde, chances are your undertone is warm, and colors like gold, orange, red and leafy green will suit you best.

If, however, your veins are blue, your eyes are gray, green or blue and your hair is blonde, black or brown with gold tones, your skin has cool undertones, and dressing in silver, violet, emerald and other jewel tones will bring out your natural beauty best.


Deal with Major Flaws

Look, I think that we should all embrace those little flaws we have, whether they be scars, excess weight or a nose that we hate. After all, it’s the little flaws that make us stand out and give us personality. However, I know that some of you will never feel your most beautiful while these flaws are present, so if you need to, don’t be afraid to invest in camouflage makeup to cover scars OR (IF THIS HAPPENS TO BE YOU), you can find a great plastic surgeon to help you in achieving whatever goals you may have. 


Protect Your Hair at Night


If you want to wake up every morning knowing that your hair will look perfect, sleeping in curlers, rollers, braids or even a hair net will help. Sure, you might look like your grandma when you slip under the covers, but you’ll wake up with that l hair LAID girl!


How do you stay beautiful?


How to "BEE" Beautiful

Taking our beauty regime to a more natural level is something that most women would love to do. We understand that what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in our bodies. When you read the ingredients list on beauty products, there are usually many that we have never even heard of! We do this with foods too, then wonder why we are feeling sluggish and looking a bit dry.

One of the best things you can do in and outside your body is only use ingredients that you know. So when you get to something, you don’t understand or have to google, bin it.

There are lots of ingredients that we use in our cooking that are also fantastic for our skin. Coconut oil is one of them. Honey is the other. So we are going to take a look at some of the best bee based beauty products and see why they are so great for your skin.

In the UK there is a very humble looking lady called Deborah Mitchell. Deborah is the owner of Heaven cosmetics and is the woman you can thank for ABEETOXIN. Heard of it? Neither had I! ABEETOXIN is essentially bee venom. Essentially Deborah realized she could use this venom after her sister, a beekeeper, had told her what the sting of a bee does to a human. After learning about cosmetic surgery and realizing that there were many nonsurgical procedures that could be replaced with ABEETOXIN, she started her own business which used bee venom within its natural products. The results? Think of it as nature’s own botox. Your skin becomes tighter, and you can feel it lift. It is said that no bees are harmed in the extraction of the venom and Deborah calls it ‘milking." Bee venom has gone on to be used in lots of other products, and while it is pretty expensive, you can find some good value versions of the original Heaven mask on the market.

Burt’s Bees have been using wax in their natural beauty products for years. There is no milking involved in their processes. They just get good old organic beeswax and create stuff. The man behind Burt’s Bees was an unlikely looking businessman; he was a simple Beekeeper with a small humble farm who came up with an idea after selling his honey, it was a very good idea which grew into a worldwide business. Burt’s Bees offer wax based products from a simple lip salve and hand cream to a complicated but magnificent makeup range; you can also buy hair care products too.  The Beeswax is full of products which contain vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants which will keep your epidermis nourished and plump!

Bee’s are the secret to looking and feeling beautiful, so whichever way you choose to go, try and add a little more black and yellow into your life.


Nail IT! 3 Things Your Nails Can Say About You

Nails are not only an indispensable fashion accessory for every good fashionista, but they are also an indicator of your health. You need to take good care of your nails, not only to look beautiful, but also because when you have health issues, your nails are likely to be the first to show. So good nails mean a healthy you! But do you know everything about your fashionable fingertips? Here are the top 3 things that you need to know about them.


Nails And Calcium Deficiency

You have probably heard that white spots on your nails are a sign of calcium or vitamin C deficiency. This is a myth! The white spots on your nails are caused by minor traumas as your nails were growing, such as putting too much pressure on them or accidentally banging your fingertips against the table. In short, white spots are completely harmless, and you can ignore them safely. There are indications of calcium deficiency that show on your nails. For example, if you have brittle nails that have a tendency to break easily, to split or even to peel off horizontally, this is a sign that the structure of your nail is faulty and lacks calcium.  

Additionally, weaker nails that have a growth slower than normal - bear with it, we’ll review the nail growth in a bit - and dry nails that tend to flake or break quickly are both signs of a calcium deficiency. For this, there is no way around it: You need to get more dairy products into your diet, and to use natural calcium supplements as part of your everyday meals. For example, you can research AlgaeCal reviews to find out more about your options. However, if the issue persists even with a change of diet, you should consult a doctor to monitor your vitamin and mineral intakes.


What Is A Normal and Healthy Nail Growth?

Growing strong and healthy nails is the concern of every fashion-aware woman. There are plenty of tips to follow to keep your nail healthy, such as not biting them for a start and protecting them from chemicals when you are using cleaning products. Additionally, it is important to know more about the healthy nail growth so that you can spot issues before it is too late. In average, your nails grow by 1.6mm in a month. However, men’s nails tend to grow a little faster. Additionally, the nails on your dominant hands grow faster than on your other hand. In short, you will need to take all these elements into consideration before you can say whether your nails are grower slower than they should.


Nails Are A Window To Your Entire Health

For a certified dermatologist, your nails are an essential tool to diagnose your entire health. While you are certainly aware that nail biting is generally a sign of stress, you probably have not heard of the following elements: A discoloration in your nail bed can be an indication of lung disease, capillaries in the cuticles can indicate an autoimmune disease, and yellow nails can even be a sign of pleural effusions. In short, a dermatologist can diagnose your troubles just by looking at your fingertips. So if you spot anything out of the ordinary, don’t try to paint over it, go and check with a specialist to determine if this isn’t an indication of something more serious.


Get A Gorgeous Smile With Groupon!

The easiest way to a beautiful smile is improving your oral hygiene. This can be done by brushing your teeth at least twice a day (or after each meal) and making those regularly scheduled dentist appointments. If your smile requires more than that (like corrective surgery)... don't worry, keep reading, I have you covered!

If your teeth is not as perfect as you would want it, your dentist can attach braces to help straighten them out. There are two types of braces: fixed and removable. If you have fixed ones, they will be attached to your teeth at all times. Removable ones can be taken off for cleaning. Normally, patients will need to wear their braces for a long period. On average, this can be between 18 and 24 months. After you have them removed, you may still be required to wear mouthpieces overnight. This is to make sure your teeth don’t move straight back into their original positions. Some people prefer to have invisible braces made out of see-through plastic. There are some different options available, including Invisalign Braces.

Braces, whether fixed or removable can run you a very pretty penny and unfortunately orthodontics is not included in the majority of major dental plans  but thankfully there's GrouponGroupon has many deals for Invisalign where you can save a fraction of the how much it would normally cost you. In addition, Groupon has other beauty, health and wellness deals that you can save on, so make sure you check them out.

How does Groupon help YOU save??

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinion are my own.