Revive A Boring Skincare Routine With These Exciting Tips

Taking care of your skin is an essential part of a beauty routine. Without removing makeup or using a moisturizer, it will begin to crack and flake. Even worse, wrinkles and lines will appear and the signs of aging will start to show sooner rather than later. It may be winter, but the battle to save your skin never ends as the cold weather is as threatening as the warm, humid temperatures.

Washing your face daily may be a skin-saver, yet there’s no doubt it’s boring. As a result, it’s not easy to maintain the same level of consistency as usual. Take one day off and the biggest organ in the body will start to show its flaws, which is something you want to avoid for a long time.

The answer is to revive a routine with exciting methods. Then, you won’t have a dull mindset or skin. Because it can be tricky to overhaul a regimen, there are tips below for anybody who needs inspiration.

Invest In A Facial

One of the worst parts of a routine is the amount of effort it takes to complete the task. All any woman wants to do is sit down in front of the TV and put on her favorite episode of Friends; orr, it would be nice to flick through a magazine while professionals take care of the nitty-gritty. With a facial, either option is available.

DIY pastes and creams are straightforward to apply and take an hour or two to work. So, there is nothing wrong with lying on the sofa and taking the edge off for “therapeutic” reasons. If the plasma screen just happens to land on Netflix, then that’s all the better. Although they are cheap, the quality isn’t as good, nor is the process as stress-relieving than with a pro.

Go on; schedule an appointment now for the sake of your skin!

Steam Your Face

Sticking with the relaxing theme, let’s move onto a bucket of steam. Okay, that’s not a thing, but using hot water to cleanse the pores is. It may leave you a little hot under the collar, yet that’s all part of the fun. There is no way to multitask while steaming the skin, but this is an advantage in some ways. After all, you get to shut off completely.

The setup is simple: boil the kettle, pour the water into a container, and grab a flannel. Then, use the cloth to cover your face as you lean over the hot water. Think of it as going for a steam after a gym session, only with fewer naked people in the room! Keep your face over the bowl for about seven to ten minutes for the best results.

Although it sounds a little basic, the heat leaves you feeling invigorated and ready for round two.

Drink Water

Your skin needs moisture to look flawless, and the only way to keep up with the demands is to drink water. The problem is H2O is boring and not exciting whatsoever. There is no flavor and it doesn’t get the taste buds salivating like a deep glass of vino or a can of soda.

This is where flavored sparkling water brands spice things up a bit. Infused with carbonated fruit water, the taste and the texture will get you coming back for more. Plus, the majority of them don’t have any refined sugar or sweetener products, so drinking bottled, flavored water won’t result in weight gain.

Make sure you read the calorie count on the packaging before heading to the checkout.

Light It Up

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and the health and beauty industry is benefiting. Today, it’s possible to buy an LED light mask which, other than making you look like Hannibal Lecter, penetrates the skin at different levels. As a result, it’s thought to fight off everything from wrinkles, flat skin which isn’t moist, and acne-causing bacteria.

The way it works is quite self-explanatory once you understand the basics. The blue lights kill bad bacteria and the red ones help the body to produce collagen. The latter is how the mask plumps up flat skin. Depending on what you want to achieve, pick a color and pop it on for no longer than ten to fifteen minutes.

Yes, it is a tad expensive with some specialists charging $120 for a twenty-minute session. However, there is nothing as exciting as the novelty of the first-time experience.

If you’re committed to fighting the signs of aging, it’s time to incorporate some fun into your routine to keep it fresh.


Be Your Most Beautiful Self Each Morning


Do you ever wake in the morning only to find that nothing looks right in the mirror? Your hair is dull and lifeless, you’ve got dark circles under your eyes, and your skin is starting to breakout? Me too, but unlike a lot of girls, I don’t panic because I know that no matter what the problem, I can always turn things around and start looking like my most beautiful self again.

If that sounds good to you, here are some simple things you can do:


Treat Your Skin with Extra Care

No matter what else goes wrong, if your skin is looking smooth, flawless and radiant, you will look great. That’s why you should take extra time to ensure your skin is taken care of.

If your skin often looks bad when you wake up, it could be that you’re using the wrong products for your skin type. To determine whether that’s the case, work out what your skin type is and switch up your products to match, Then, make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize daily. This will help prevent you from having bad skin days.


Stay Hydrated

If you wake up with dry, dull skin or bags under the eyes, it could be that you are not getting enough water during the day. By drinking lots of water, you can make your skin appear plumper, curb your appetite to control your weight better and ensure that your eyes are clear, bright and beautiful.


Workout Your Undertone

If you want your hair, makeup and even your clothes to look good and make your skin truly sparkle, then you need to work out what undertone your skin is. If your veins appear to be green, and your hair is naturally red, black, brown or strawberry blonde, chances are your undertone is warm, and colors like gold, orange, red and leafy green will suit you best.

If, however, your veins are blue, your eyes are gray, green or blue and your hair is blonde, black or brown with gold tones, your skin has cool undertones, and dressing in silver, violet, emerald and other jewel tones will bring out your natural beauty best.


Deal with Major Flaws

Look, I think that we should all embrace those little flaws we have, whether they be scars, excess weight or a nose that we hate. After all, it’s the little flaws that make us stand out and give us personality. However, I know that some of you will never feel your most beautiful while these flaws are present, so if you need to, don’t be afraid to invest in camouflage makeup to cover scars OR (IF THIS HAPPENS TO BE YOU), you can find a great plastic surgeon to help you in achieving whatever goals you may have. 


Protect Your Hair at Night


If you want to wake up every morning knowing that your hair will look perfect, sleeping in curlers, rollers, braids or even a hair net will help. Sure, you might look like your grandma when you slip under the covers, but you’ll wake up with that l hair LAID girl!


How do you stay beautiful?


Celebrity Beauty Secrets You Should Know!

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I like to think that when it comes to beauty, I know everything that I need to. I’ve mastered the art of makeup.... kinda lol, I take good care of my skin, and I’ve perfected a few of my favorite hairstyles. However, something that’s missing from my beauty knowledge, like many women I know, is getting the tea on celebrity beauty secrets.

I’m not talking unrealistic beauty standards from actresses who have undergone cosmetic surgery. I’m thinking more along the lines of bright, glowing skin, perfectly curled hair, and eye makeup that never smudges. We’ve all seen celebrities step out onto the red carpet without a hair out of place. I don’t know about you, but I would love to learn their secrets. Which is why, I did some digging and uncovered a few of the very best celebrity beauty secrets to share with you.


Get professional beauty treatments

The reason that celebrities skin always look so bright is because they undergo beauty treatments. While we can attempt to mimic these treatments at home, the truth is unless you’re a professional beautician, the results won't be the same.

The good news is that while beauty treatments can be expensive, they don’t have to be. As long as you find a good clinic and choose the right treatments, you can keep the costs low (Groupon can be your BFF for this). An excellent way to find all the best treatments is via your favorite beauty brands. For instance, Clarins offer this upcoming celebrities-obsessed facial treatment. If you want flawless skin, professional beauty treatments are a must.

Pamper your hair with Argan Oil

Ever wondered how celebrities hair always looks so beautifully shiny? The reason - Argan Oil. The new kid on the beauty block, this Moroccan oil is taking the beauty industry by storm. Originally marketed as a product for hydrating hair, Argan Oil has now become so much more. A fantastic products for taming frizz, adding volume and helping to keep hair in place, it’s a spray, mousse and wax all in one!

While a little on the pricey side, this handy little oil has so many uses, that it’s more than worth the cost. As well as being able to be used on hair, new studies have shown that it can work wonders on skin.

Only use natural products

Thanks to the millions in their bank accounts, celebrities have access to all the best products. While we might not be able to spend hundreds on one beauty product, what we can do is take note of the types of products they use, and one trend that’s recently appeared is only using natural products. I wonder why that is?

The sad truth is that most beauty brands pack their products with chemicals. Which is why, most celebrities now opt to pay a little more for natural products, to keep their skin in tip, top shape, and we should be too. The good news is that while some natural beauty brands are expensive, the majority of them are affordable. So making the switch is much more affordable than you would think - Burt’s Bees and Say Yes To Carrots are two fab brands to try.

For skin and hair that’s more beautiful, take note of the secrets celebrities swear by, above.


My Beauty Basics For Spot Prone Skin

At some point or another, we will all suffer from an odd spot or two. Some of us, however, not only have spots appear once or twice a month, we have to live with them day in, day out.
In case you are struggling with acne, I thought that I would share a few beauty basics for keeping your skin healthy.


Sometimes, it can be hard to know what to do, especially as you receive differing advice from lots of sources. That’s why, I thought I would share these beauty basics, so that you can achieve healthy, spot-free skin, without the stress.

Cleanse your skin morning and night

Many of us only clean our skin in the evening. However, to keep your face clear of spots, cleansing both in the morning and evening is a good idea. If your skin is prone to blemishes, keeping it clean is incredibly important. Dead skin cells, oil and other impurities can clog our pores, leading to breakouts. So removing these substances from your face is important, which is where cleansing comes in.

To keep your skin free of spots, you need to cleanse it twice a day with a natural cleanser. Steer clear of products containing chemicals, as these can make spots worse. Washes containing pure aloe vera and witch hazel, often have fantastic results.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

When you cleanse your skin, it becomes dry as cleanser takes some of the good oils out of your skin. To give your skin a boost of hydration, after cleansing always apply a chemical-free moisturizer. Products containing chemicals are more likely to upset your skin, causing breakouts to last longer. So when it comes to choosing what you use on your face, it’s always best to steer clear of chemicals.

Treat your spots

Where to buy:

Where to buy:

When you notice a couple of spots appearing, don’t leave them, treat them. There are hundreds of different methods for treating spots, but two of the best are applying witch hazel or pure aloe vera gel. While these natural remedies may sting a little, the antiseptic properties of the plants will dry the spots out and help them to heal.

If your acne is bad, you may want to consider undergoing professional treatment. You will find that as well as getting doctor-prescribed treatment, another a great option is visiting a medispa. These centers offer all sorts of treatments, including a range of choices for acne. (If your skin is bad, a visit to your local spa is worth considering - these treatments can really help.)

Be choosy about your products

Okay, so I may have mentioned above how important it is to use natural products, but it’s worth repeating. (Yes, it really is that important.) When picking beauty products, always look for toners, cleansers and creams made for acne-prone skin. When choosing makeup, always make sure to buy from brands that offer natural products. Products containing chemicals can mess up the balance of your skin, making spots worse.

Want to keep your skin beautiful and spot-free? Take note of the basics above - they’ll help you to keep your skin looking and feeling fabulous.

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My Top Tips For Faking Beautiful Glowing Skin

If your skin isn’t perfect, don’t stress, you are not alone. It’s incredibly common to have skin imperfections, in fact, we all have them. As our faces are the main focal point of our bodies, it’s only natural that we want beautiful skin.

Even if your skin isn’t perfect, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can’t achieve it. You may not have naturally perfect skin, but you can easily fake it til ya make it. Believe it or not, with a few simple makeup tricks, you can make your skin glow.


If you want to make your skin look a little healthier, the first thing that you need to do is exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating is one of the best ways to get rid of imperfections, as it removes dead skin cells and dry skin. Exfoliation also helps eliminate bacteria from your face, to aid in preventing spots from occurring.

The key to exfoliation is to make sure that you choose a product that is free of any harsh chemicals as these can cause all sorts of damage to your skin. If you are a fan of making your own beauty products, consider using a DIY exfoliator. You can find lots of recipes online for homemade facial scrubs, so make sure to check these out.


Use primer

Before applying your makeup, make sure to use a primer. If you want to make your skin look perfect, wearing a primer under your foundation is a must. There are various types to choose from, so whatever skin type you have, there will be a suitable primer for you.


Pick a foundation with a pink undertone

The key to making your skin glow is the foundation you wear. Yes, taking care of your skin helps, but the most important thing for glowing skin is the foundation that you choose to wear. From liquid foundations to cream-to-powder ones, there are various types of foundation to choose from.

While the style of foundation you use doesn’t affect how much your skin glows, the color foundation that you opt for will do. To give your skin a beautiful glow, opt for a pink-toned foundation. You will find that by opting for a foundation with a pink undertone, your skin will naturally look healthier.  


Don’t forget to add bronzer

Once you've put your foundation on, the next step is to add touches of bronzer around your face. This should be placed on your cheekbones, chin, and forehead. For glowing skin, only a small amount of light-toned bronzer is needed.


Finish with powder

Once you have applied your foundation and bronzer, the next step is to set it in place with powder. The last thing you want after spending a long time creating perfect glowing skin is your makeup to come off. That’s why, once you have created the perfect glowing look, it’s crucial that you use powder to set it.

There are plenty of translucent powders on the market to choose from, but make sure to check out Ben Nye's banana powder online. This is one of the most popular powders and is fantastic for setting your makeup in place.

                                    Some of my favorite skin and make up products

These tips can help you to create an everyday flawless, glowing look without having tob use eyeshadows. Just add mascara, a little black eyeliner and make sure those eyebrows are on fleek and you have a gorgeous look that can go from work to a night out in seconds!

COMMENT BELOW some of your favorite skin and make-up tips!

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