The Benefits Of Beauty Treatments

We all want to look good which is probably why there has been an increase in so many different types of beauty treatments recently. Whether it's helping you get rid of body fat or a muscle-relaxing massage, there is an abundance of beauty treatments.

But how many of these actually work and what are the benefits? I’ve explored a few of the most prominent ones and here is what I found.

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1. Massages

There are so many different types of massages it's hard to know where to begin when choosing one. The most popular types are...

  • Swedish Massage. This is the typical type of massage. It uses kneading, circular motions and is great for your first massage

  • Hot Stones Massage. Smooth, heated stones are places on your back and shoulders

  • Reflexology. This is a form of foot massage. By massaging areas of your foot, the theory is that the therapist can target trouble spots in your body

  • Thai Massage. The therapist will move you into a number of different poses to stretch you out.

What are the benefits? You will feel like a million dollars!


2. Fish Pedicure

You may have heard about this one, but were unsure of how it works. A fish pedicure is when a person immerses their foot into a tub of water filled with bonefish. These fish will then nibble on your feet to remove any dry or dead skin.

What are the benefits? It feels slightly ticklish but leaves your feet feeling silky smooth. Great for the summer months when you are flashing your feet in sandals.


3. Laser Hair Removal

Waxing is painful and shaving leaves you with prickly hairs that grow back quickly. How are we supposed to keep ourselves hairless? Laser hair removal is a good option, but how does it work? A laser is passed over the skin and penetrates through to the hair follicle and damages it.

What are the benefits? If you do enough laser hair therapy sessions, you can eventually stop the hair from growing back. After several sessions, it can result in hair loss meaning you won’t have to continue with de-hairing that area!


4. Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth are hard to miss if you have them. Your smile (and teeth, by extension) are the focal points of your face, so people will be drawn to them. Many people are opting for teeth whitening procedures. Your dentist will create a mouth guard for you and you have to apply whitening gel over the course of a few weeks. The whitening won’t last forever though because over time your teeth will start to discolor again due to food and drink. You can also get toothpastes that include whitening ingredients.

What are the benefits? Sparkly white teeth!


5. Permanent Makeup

If you always have to fill gaps in your brows or can’t leave the house without applying eyeliner, then permanent makeup might be an option (IF you don't enjoy doing those things). Getting permanent makeup is similar to getting a tattoo. The technician will use a hollow needle to penetrate the top layer of skin with a color. Bear in mind that while it is called permanent makeup, it isn’t 100% permanent. The sun and ageing will alter the look of the makeup, so over time you will need to get it retouched.

What are the benefits? You don’t have to worry about doing your makeup every morning. You wake up and you are ready to go.


Sound Off: How do you make sure you look good? Any tried and true methods?

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