Everything You Need To Know About Yellow Teeth And How To Avoid Them

We all want to maximize our natural beauty. Preparing our skin and keeping it healthy is just a small part of it. We also spend a lot of that time reapplying makeup and tidying up our hair throughout the day to make sure we are still looking as good as we did when we left the house for work. At bedtime, we have our nightly routines for healthy skin care. The makeup comes off, and our skin is re-hydrated and replenished with a night cream before bed. Somewhere in there, our teeth have just a few minutes of attention, but dentists are now recommending so much more.

Having white teeth is still considered a cosmetic procedure instead of an essential part of our oral health. None of us could bear it if our teeth were anything but bright white and healthy looking. Natural tooth color isn’t quite that white though. As we age, the enamel becomes stained by what we eat and drink. Older teeth also tend to have thinner enamel. This makes the yellow dentin more visible. There are several options for restoring or improving the whiteness of our teeth. Teeth whitening is important if you want to look your best.

Despite all our beauty efforts, it could be our teeth that let us down first. When we meet people, we naturally smile so their eyes are drawn to our lips and teeth. This is why it is essential to make sure our teeth are perfect. Keep them looking perfect with a bit of extra effort between meals. Some dentists suggest brushing straight after meals can damage the enamel, but few would steer us away from flossing after every meal. This gets all the little bits of food away from our teeth and out of the gums to help us avoid getting staining and cavities between the teeth.

Our diet goes a long way to making sure our skin stays hydrated, blemish free and glowing. The same goes for our teeth. If you are in desperate need of a coffee in the morning, try swapping it out for a caffeine tablet that won’t stain your teeth. Chew gum to help your saliva fight plaque and loosen stains. Enjoy more vegetables than fruits because fruit can contain enamel damaging acids. Drink plenty of water and rinse your mouth after meals.

White teeth are a sign of youth and good health. If your teeth are white, you are more confident in your smile, which naturally draws people to you. If you don’t have brilliant white teeth, red lipstick will tell on you. Instead try shades of plum and pink to hide any off-white shading your teeth may have. You can get your teeth whitened professionally to bring your smile back. Avoid white clothing if you have yellow teeth too. If you have a blue-tinge to your eyeballs, this can make your yellow teeth stand out even more. Try some eye drops to refresh your eyes and a professional whitening for your teeth.


How do you keep your teeth white?