3 Small Lifestyle Changes For A Healthier You

The sun is finally peeking out from behind the clouds; winter is starting to pack its bags!! That can only mean it’s time to come out of hibernation! Having a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean a complete overhaul, though. Try these three small changes for big rewards.


Invest In A Sun Light


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Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is now a recognized disorder that many people suffer with. It is thought that this is partially as a result of a change in how most people spend their days. In years gone by, many people were engaged in labor and jobs outside. However now, many of us work indoors. 

Sun Lights are a fantastic investment if you spend a lot of time inside, whether that be through work or another reason. As more and more versions hit the market, they also become more affordable.

SAD is an organization dedicated to supporting those with the disorder. They have some great advice for selecting the best Sun Light for you here. They are also known as SAD Lights. If you want some more information on the disorder, you can find more information here. A standard box light is a great starting point, but you can also buy ones that double-up as alarm clocks. These slowly fill the room with natural light in the morning. These are especially useful for the dark winter months.


Get Yourself A Little Motivation

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Okay, we all know how important drinking water is. We’re told over and over again about it. But it is still not easy. However, help might be at hand. These motivational water bottles feature an inspiring quote on one side and a measuring chart on the back. Not just any measuring chart, though! This one features encouragements like ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Almost There’ to help you along the way. Plus you can pick the type of bottle top you prefer.


These bottles can also be used for smoothies and other cold, healthy drinks. For example, once a day you could fill the bottle with green tea instead of water. Green tea is well known for its many benefits. These range from helping improve your memory to burning fat. Adding a slice of lemon will help it retain antioxidants once it has cooled.


Don’t Aim To Be A Gym Bunny!

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Seeing gym fanatics plastered all over our social media feeds can be both irritating and depressing. These people seem to be working out so often they must never sleep!

The trick is not to think you have to match their level of fitness. While exercising lots is great, the National Health Service recommends a minimum of 150 minutes a week. Although this sounds like a lot, it is only 30 minutes a day with two days off a week! This should be a mix of moderate aerobic and vigorous activity. Again, don’t be scared off! Moderate aerobic activities can include simple things like fast walking, bike riding or even mowing the lawn. Vigorous activity can be had through things like skipping ropes or a half an hour run. Once you get started, it will come naturally to up your hours and intensity.