Benefits of Weightlifting And Why You Should Try It

Weight lifting might seem like a masculine sport to some, but many ladies are starting to realize the enormous benefits it can have on their lives. Yes, it’s true that weight lifting builds strength and muscle, but it won’t make you look like ‘men’ ladies, no matter what you have heard in the past! Just take a look at some of the famous Instagram models out there. They post their workouts regularly and give tips, and you can bet that they use weights in their workouts. Some even consider themselves ‘bodybuilders’, yet they have the most feminine shape! Here’s why everybody should try weightlifting:

Build Strength And Muscle

Weight lifting is going to build strength and muscle. Not only is this great for your health, you’ll also develop a more shapely body. Your body will become more efficient at burning fat and calories, even if you eat a ‘bad’ meal. The great thing about women who want to build muscle is that they don’t build it in the same way as men. Men have more testosterone than women, which is why they grow big. Women can grow ‘big’, but only with years of deliberate training and eating. In some cases, even drugs. It’s very, very difficult to get to that level for women. When women use weights, they can build muscle and look ‘toned’.


Create The Body You’ve Always Wanted

Weightlifting allows you to build the body you’ve always wanted. You can’t spot train fat loss, but you bet you can spot train areas on your body weight train and build. That being said, training your whole body is crucial to avoid imbalances. The amount you train each part, is your choice. Some women choose to train their gluts up to 3 times a week in order to get them looking firm and peachy. Some prefer to dedicate one day a week to a body part. This is entirely your choice, but at the beginning, you’ll want to make sure you’ve given each muscle group a chance to recover before training it again. This is why most people start with a plan that focuses on one body part per day per week, to ensure that they have fully recovered. You can then change up your plan as you like. Building your shoulders will give you a more shapely upper body, and can even make your waist look smaller, for example. Building your gluts makes your waist look smaller too. Many women focus on these proportions to create an hourglass figure!

Treat Yourself To Cute Gym Clothes

Going to the gym means you get to treat yourself to cute gym clothes. Having nice gym clothes makes you feel good about yourself. It also allows you to show off your personality in the gym. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful leggings out there, from rainbow leggings to leggings covered in unicorns. The weight lifting shoes for men and women tend to look bang on trend too.  


Stay Mobile Later On In Life

You shouldn’t just exercise for how you look now. You should exercise to stay mobile later on in life. Do you want to be someone who needs people to look after them and assist them, or would prefer to stay independent? Weight lifting can help you with this. Plus, you’ll look younger as you age too! Those who exercise early on always look younger later on in life. Just looking at some of the fittest celebrities out there proves this.


Build Self Esteem And Confidence

Lifting weights helps people to build self esteem and confidence. When you see what you are capable of, you’ll love it! You’ll feel strong. Every time you master an exercise you’ll feel accomplished. You’ll have more confidence inside and outside of the gym. You really can’t beat the feeling.

Have More Goals To Work Towards

You can develop so many goals to work towards with weight lifting. For instance, you can aim to squat a few more pounds each week. You can aim to add a rep or two onto your set each week. Setting these short term goals, alongside your long term goals, is going to help you get fit and healthy for life.


Be Able To Perform Better In Day To Day Life

Not only will you experience everything else listed here, you’ll even be able to perform better in day to day life. Want to carry all of your groceries from the car in one trip? No problem! Somebody needs help carrying a box? You can do it! You’ll also have far more energy than you’ve ever had before. You’ll feel happier. What could be better than that?


Develop A Healthy Hobby

Do you have hobbies? What about hobbies that are truly good for you? Weight lifting is a healthy hobby that you can enjoy for life. We all need hobbies and things to do outside of work and home, and this is a great one to try out.


Everybody should try weightlifting, even if you don’t commit to anything straight away. Just try it for a few weeks, and pay attention to how you look and feel. Chances are, you’ll notice improvements really quickly and feel great about yourself. This is why so many people find it addictive. One thing to make sure of, though, is that you give yourself enough rest.

To begin with, you should have at least 2 days rest a week. When you’re more experienced, 1 day of rest can be OK. Your body needs rest to improve too. Overworking it will only cause problems in the long run. Also, bear in mind that as changes are made outside of the gym, you also need to make sure you’re eating to support your goals. This means making smart choices, and getting plenty of protein to help your body recover. A good mix of healthy protein, carbs, and fats is crucial. A small treat or two a week shouldn’t hurt too much either. Your routine should all be about balance and moderation.