3 Ways To Improve Your Health

Chances are, you are always on the lookout for ways to improve your health. Most people are, and the truth is that it can be notoriously hard to actually make sure you are making the right kinds of changes frequently if you are to try and live more healthily. However there are always simple changes you can make if you want to improve your health, and those are some of the things we are going to look at in this post. As long as you are making the kinds of changes we mention here, you will find that your health is vastly improving, and that you are able to make much more of your body and mind as a result. These are places to start, and you might find that they make all the difference in the world.


One of the most essential parts of looking after your health is ensuring that you allow yourself plenty of chance to relax. Being able to fully relax is something that many people fail to do in their daily lives, and yet it is essential if you want to make sure that you are taking care of your health as best as you can. The art of relaxation is mostly all about ensuring that you can find the time to do so, so that you can sit, breathe, and just be. You should also consider using products from the likes of The Kratom Connection so that you can truly allow the body to relax as well. And let’s not forget what wonders a monthly massage can do!


Chances are, you are sometimes prone to eating a little too much. The truth is that most people in our culture eat too much, and even if you think you eat a normal amount, you are probably technically overeating. The human body does not need all that much sustenance in order to survive, thrive and be well, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you are focusing on trying to reduce how much you eat in general. Of course, you shouldn't go too far with it, and if you have a history of eating disorders then be especially careful. But generally eating less will make the body less prone to diseases and illnesses. That means you can function much more easily on a daily basis as well.


We all know that exercise is important, but what is also important is making sure that you actually vary the kinds of exercise you get involved in. If you only ever jog, for instance, then you are not giving your body the fullest chance to be able to be fully healthy. If you are jogging, but also performing yoga and strength exercises, then you are improving your body in a number of ways, and you are bound to be much more in shape as a result. Remember that, and be sure to vary your exercise as much as you can so that you can really push your body to its limits.


Oral Hygiene: Four Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Mouth

Hands up if you've ever been on a diet, or been worried about your weight? That will be most of us, then. Body image is such a contentious issue in the modern day, and women, in particular, can often be on the receiving end of any societal pressures. Of course, being concerned about your weight doesn't just mean that you are hung up on the way you LOOK. Plenty of people change their diet and lifestyle to simply be healthier - any aesthetic changes merely come as a plus. However, with so much focus being on our weight and our bodies, other aspects of our health and beauty can often get pushed out. Take our faces, for example. The face is the first thing you see when you meet a new person and is integral to forming new relationships. Expressions are so delicate that many of us are not even aware we are making them, but we can give away a lot of how we are feeling just from our faces!

The mouth, in particular, is a critical aspect. It is our primary communication tool and also goes through plenty of other things on an average day - whether that is eating, drinking, or kissing! Therefore, it's often crazy to think how much many of us overlook both our oral and our dental health. If you start to ignore this area, you could be opening yourself up to some pretty nasty future health issues. No one wants to be the person who looks back and thinks 'I could have done more to look after myself back then.' So, with that in mind, here are some top tips for keeping your lips, gums, teeth, and tongue in tip top condition.

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Dental hygiene

We all know we should brush our teeth twice a day - but are you doing it right? There is quite a lot of contention about how you should brush; whether you should dampen your toothbrush prior or not, how much toothpaste you should use, and whether you should use a manual brush or an electric one. With all this conflicting information, it can get a bit confusing knowing what or what not to do. However, the best course of action is to speak to your dentist personally and ask for their advice. Only they know your teeth better than you will, so they will be able to point you in the right direction. Typically, though, try and get into the habit of using a fluoride toothpaste, along with a non-alcoholic mouthwash and floss a couple of times a week, if you can.

Your tongue

Our tongue is a muscle - although you'd have to try something pretty out there to pull it like you would your bicep or your quads! However, that doesn't mean to say that it still isn't safe from damage, sitting safely inside your mouth. Certain lifestyle habits can have a derogatory effect on the health of your tongue, leading to some pretty nasty symptoms. Take, for example, 'black hairy tongue.' This gross-sounding condition is what can sometimes occur when a person has been smoking tobacco for many years. The gradual build-up of smoke in the mouth causes discoloration to appear on the surface of the tongue, which in turn, gives the appearance of the tongue being hairy. Attractive, no? If you are addicted to smoking and quitting cold turkey to avoid this issue is not an option, you could always try switching to e-cigarettes instead. Electronic cigarettes use 120 ml e juice rather than tobacco, as well as containing far fewer chemicals. Therefore, you still get your nicotine rush, but without all the added nasties (and no black tongue!).

Your gums

Gum disease is one of the most common oral disorders people are treated for all over the world. Ironically, it is also one of the easiest conditions to protect yourself against. So many people forget about their gums when brushing their teeth, but remember, that part of your mouth needs attention too! If you find that your regular toothbrush is too rough or harsh on your sensitive gums (remember, you never want to draw blood), find a softer one to use. Flossing or using a plaque pick is again, integral to dental hygiene overall, but particularly for your gums. A plaque build-up is one of the leading causes of gum disease, so if you notice that the gaps between your teeth are yellowing, take action right away. If you notice that when you spit your toothpaste back into the sink, there is blood there, this could be an early sign of gum disease (even if other symptoms haven't arisen yet). Make an appointment with your dentist straight away, and he or she will be able to diagnose you and put a treatment plan in place.



Our lips are one of our most aesthetic features - and keeping them healthy is what help to keep them beautiful, too! Try and think of your pout a bit like a sponge (not the nicest metaphor, we know). When they are hydrated, they are soft and supple. When they are starved of moisture, they are dry and rough. Lots of people struggle with chapped lips during the winter and burnt lips during the summer. To avoid both of these scenarios, make sure you are taking the necessary protective precautions. During hot weather, always use a lip balm with an SPF in it - if you're a lipstick lover, just apply a small layer of balm over your color of choice. Similarly, in winter, make sure your lips are hydrated with a moisturizing balm that will prevent them from the icy temperatures. You can also take another measure towards getting your lips pucker-perfect, such as using an exfoliating lip scrub to soften them - just don't rub them too hard! Finish with a slick of lipstick or gloss, and you're ready to go, knowing that your lips are both beautiful AND healthy.


Take Better Care Of You: Health Tips For Maintaining Inner Beauty

It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself sometimes.  With more demands on our time and attention from work, children and family, the importance of keeping healthy can take a back seat.  It’s time to make a change to your health and maintain a better, longer lasting version of yourself.

We all know the rules.  Exercise often, eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated.  But there are other important factors we are missing.  When was the last time you saw your doctor, for example? How long have you been ignoring that ache in your neck? I’ve gathered together a short guide of changes you need to make now. Small changes for a better future.  So sit back, grab a cup of green tea and read on …

I won’t kick start this with hydration but will instead highlight the importance right now and get to it later.  Drink.  Drink 2 litres a day.  Every day.  Instead we’ll start by looking at fitness.

Your heart is the only thing between you and death.  If your heart fails, well that’s essentially the end of it all.  So keeping it healthy and and strong is vital.  Experts advise we take a minimum of 25 minutes of exercise per day. This can range from gentle walking to more high impact sports such as running.  Cardio fitness is the key to a nice strong heart but there are so many exciting ways to get the heart pumping.  Here are three to get you inspired

1: The Quick Morning Cardio Burn

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If you don’t have time to make it to the gym, wake up and smash a 15 minute cardio wake up call.  Simple exercises like one minute reps of jumping jacks, squat thrusts, sit ups, high chests and running up and down the stairs, repeated 5 times each (Only pick three and mix them up everyday)   Or include a short weight lifting routine as I wrote about in this blog into your quick cardio.  It will give you a super snappy cardio buzz before breakfast.  You can jump in the shower and feel the extra energy boost.  Cardio exercise increases your metabolism all day so you can feel smug that you have set the town of your day and enjoy a guilt three latte at lunch.


2: The Enthusiastic Run

Running isn’t for everyone but, don’t knock it until you have given it a good go.  Running with interval sprints of thirty seconds for 30 minutes is a real fat burning cardio boost which will help trim you down whilst toning your muscles.  You need to ensure you have the correct trainers and kit to protect your limbs as this is a high impact sport.  The very best thing about falling in love with running is that it is completely free and you can do it absolutely anywhere.  Put your music in your ears and pound away the miles.  Mix running up with something like swimming to keep your body moving without constant high impact on your joints.


3: Think Different!

Horse riding may not look like it’s burning much in the way of calories but a one hour horse ride burns the same calories as a 30 minute run.  It is also extremely good at building up your core muscles and working your inner thigh.  Giving you a cardio and toning exercise all in one.  Make sure you stay safe by wearing all the correct kit and find a local riding school that gives lessons in a school or takes you out and about on brilliant hacks.  You won’t even notice your heart is getting a workout.  You might notice it the following day in your muscles though!


If you can include 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise into your daily routine, you will be well on the way to improving the health of your heart.


Next on the list of things we usually put on the back burners are regular health checks with a doctor or our dentist.  As we grow older we need to keep an eye on things.  Prevention is most definitely better than cure, but with certain illnesses we can be blissfully unaware of any changes until it’s too late.

Our teeth suffer years of abuse without a good hygienist, so get online and use http://dentists.nhere.me to find a local dentist and go for regular check ups and cleans. This is especially important if you have children.  Kids watching their parents taking care of their teeth are twice as likely to take care of their own.  Make it fun.  Brush together and get your kids to enjoy visits to the dentist.  

Finding a good doctor is also important.  Women over 20 should be having regular smear tests and women over 35 should be having well women tests. Check your breasts often and at different points in your cycle so you get to notice any changes in the shape and feel of them.  If you notice anything out of place, make an appointment and get a second opinion.


Keeping a little back for yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon your body.  Mindfulness.  Relaxation.  These two simple things are so often forgotten, but without them we can suffer unhealthy habits and even create mental health issues we could have avoided.  Meditation is particularly helpful at putting your monkey mind to task.  Our minds can create huge problems for relatively minor issues.  Learning to control that is the key to lasting inner peace.

Yoga is a fantastic release for stress and can be practiced either first thing in the morning to energize you, or with a little meditation last thing at night to prepare your body for sleep.  You don’t have to find a class to learn the basics with lots of handy tips on line like these, just find a comfortable, clutter free area and a quite 15 minutes then practice the slow, low impact movements whilst allowing your mind to run free of all the chatter.  

Inner peace is something that we need to help us solve problems and make better decisions.  Lying in bed with a million worries and anxieties will lead us to a pattern of no sleep and sluggish behavior.  Lack of sleep can have serious impact on our day to day lives.  Creating havoc with our skin and general health.  Find peace, relax and sleep!


Lastly, I mentioned it in the first half of this article, hydration and a healthy balanced diet.

You will not find one article in the world on health that doesn’t stress the importance of drinking pure water every day.  Amounts range, but setting yourself up for the challenge of 2 liters a day, will make remarkable changes in your life.  From your brain to your skin and your general energy levels, water will change the way you take on the world and help you form better decisions.  Cells need water to regenerate so, a little like plants, without regular water we will slowly wither away, health will deteriorate and eventually we’ll die!


Clean eating, removing processed and sugary foods from your diet, will give your digestive system a happy detox.  Homemade meals with fresh local ingredients or, better still, home grown ingredients will ensure heart, cell and brain health.  A balanced diet is proven to decrease your risk of many cancers and increase your life expectancy so get to it!

Take better care of yourself, look and feel more beautiful and enjoy life, longer.


Becoming A Better You: Essential Tips To Not Forget

Do you want to become a better version of yourself? Becoming a better you is not an uncommon wish, as this is in a form or another what most new year resolutions are about. Whether it is about feeling better in your body and your mind, looking better, and eating better, everyone wants to improve who they are and what they eat. Consequently, most diets and fitness programs are designed to tackle this issue and make you better. But here are some of the forgotten secrets to becoming a better person.


Essentials For A Healthy Diet

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While the modern society has now fully embraced lactose intolerance to the point where you can go to your favorite coffee shop and find milk alternatives for your drink, everyone seems to have forgotten how essential calcium is to your health. Calcium is not only key to keep your bones and teeth healthy, as they are mostly made of calcium, but it also has many health benefits: A calcium-rich diet can actively help to prevent colon cancer, protect your heart muscles and help your body control its insulin levels. In short, calcium is an indispensable part of your everyday health at all ages.

It may not be easy to consume dairy products in high quantity, especially as more people suffer from various forms of lactose intolerance, but this shouldn’t stop you from getting enough calcium in your diet. Indeed, you can find plenty of natural supplements. Check the AlgaeCal customer reviews, which is one of the preferred supplements, to discover more about the different ways to absorb these. Do remember, though, that if you have been diagnosed with a calcium deficiency, while the consumption of supplements will help it, it is also essential that you see a doctor.


The Simple Rules For A Happier Me

At a time when people can be depressed and suffer from a gloomy mood, it is important to equip yourself against negativity and depression. The key word is positivity. While this doesn’t mean blind positivity and refusing to take the reality into account, a positive mood starts with simple gestures, such as trying to smile more often. This may sound childish, but people who smile tend to attract positive feelings around them, and consequently will be less likely to experience sad moods. Being good to others, and being able to give to others - whether it is time, attention or even a kind word - is part of what creates a safe and happy environment around you. In short, the more joy you communicate, the more joy will be around you!


Beauty Tips For The Skin

How many facial creams and skin treatments do you have in your bathroom? Keeping a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will help you keep your skin elastic, smooth and firm a lot longer than creams can. Additionally, you should make sure to wash your face every morning and every evening to keep your pores clear. Finally, try to go as makeup-free as you can: The no-makeup selfie is not only a fashion statement; this is a healthy relief for your skin. Makeup can indeed block pores and stop the sun from reaching your skin. While too much sun is harmful, vitamin D is produced directly when the skin is exposed to the sun and helps your body process its calcium and phosphate intakes.



These Issues Can Play Havoc With Your Natural Beauty

Forget about makeup, hairstyle, body shape and body weight. Have you ever thought about what makes you naturally beautiful? Or, rather, have you ever thought about the factors and things in life that impact your natural beauty. There are certain things in life that can take your beauty away, no matter how much makeup you wear or how stylish you are. If you don’t watch out for these issues, you won’t like what you see in the mirror.


Stress is perhaps one of the biggest enemies of beauty and youth. If you are stressed, you are going to look more worn and weary. This, in turn, will make you look less beautiful. However, stress can have other physical impacts as well. It can cause your hair to fall out, make you look bloated, and it can even give you greasy skin. If you want to avoid some of these problems you need to do your best to stay calm through the day. One of the best ways to do this is by practicing breathing exercises. With breathing exercises you can regulate your body, reducing both stress and tension. Hopefully, this will make you feel a lot better and far more relaxed. If you have any problems with stress, it’s going to affect other areas of your life.


That’s right people who are stressed often get less sleep than others. Usually, this can mean that they age faster. When we sleep, our body is given time to rejuvenate and heal from the pressures of the day. So, the more sleep you get, the better within reason. You should be aiming for roughly eight hours each night. Anything less than that and you will start to see an impact on the way you look and the way you feel. Obviously one of the main causes of a lack of sleep is stress, but there are other issues as well. You might experience chronic back or neck pain. People with these problems always struggle to get a good night of sleep. You can buy the best pillow for neck pain, and this should help you get a good rest.

Diet: You Are What You Eat

This is absolutely true, and I can give you quite a simple example. You might eat a diet filled with grease, sugar, and salt. You might also drink very little water, and if that’s the case, you will see an impact on your skin. Your skin will look greasy, and it could even start to lose its natural color. If that happens, you might struggle to see your own beauty. The best fix for this is to make sure that you are balancing your diet with all the important food groups. Most importantly of all you need to make sure you get your five a day and drink lots of water.

I hope you find these facts helpful in improving your own natural beauty. While each of these issues can have a severe effect on how you look they can all be fixed. You just need to work on improving your lifestyle.


Here's How I Look As Healthy As I Feel

Don’t get me wrong. There are days when I feel like staying in bed and not moving for the whole day. We all feel that way from time to time. For me, I like to put on my makeup, do my hair and wear a favorite outfit to kick start my day. Then I eat a fruity breakfast and head out for a power walk or jog. By the time I’ve done all that, I’ve completely forgotten that yucky feeling altogether.

It’s true that looking good helps you feel better when you’re tired or blue. Motivating yourself to take the trouble is the tough bit! I have to admit I do treat myself from time to time. I avoid food treats, but I do indulge in beauty treats. I might buy a new set of lashes, or a fabulous blush brush. Sometimes I book into the salon for a treatment or even have a spa day.


When we’re fit and healthy, we tend to look that way too. A good diet and exercise program helps your whole body look and feel good. All those happy hormones that are released after a workout really do work to make you feel pretty incredible. That puts a huge smile on my face. No matter how tired and down I feel, I know some exercise will make me feel better.

Even when I’m feeling terrible, some makeup, a hair tonic, and a gorgeous outfit go a long way to hiding that from the world. I know some people have cosmetic treatments to improve their appearance. A cosmetic dentist can certainly help improve your smile if you want your smile to dazzle.

So what goes into my diet to help me feel healthy? Fresh stuff! I love fruit, and I make the effort to include it in every meal. I also try to snack on raw vegetables like carrots. Steamed veggies with my evening meal help me feel like I’m putting a lot of good into my body. After all, I only have one, and it has to last a lifetime.

I’m keen to get all my nutritional needs from my diet. I like to check out the vitamins and minerals my food contains. But I’m not crazy, I know that there will be times when my body could benefit from a supplement. Sometimes you can listen to your body to know what it needs. You might be craving a certain kind of food. It’s OK to give into it once in a while.

For me, looking good is important. I want to feel healthy, but I also want to look like I care about myself. A lot of what makes me look as healthy as I feel is the work I put in with diet and exercise.

Look and feel healthy today.

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