Improving Confidence Starts From Within: How You Can Boost Yours

Confidence is one thing that is learned and not something we happen to be born with. It isn’t genetic, it isn’t a gift, it is a way of life and a mindset. So if you feel that your confidence is at an all time low, then you have the power to make the change. However, when it comes to changes, you need to want to do it and have the right level of motivation to do it. I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can improve your confidence and how it starts from within you.

Make changes to increase your self esteem

It may sound obvious, but there could be reasons why you are not feeling as confident as you would like? Perhaps there are certain aspects of you that you would like to change. Maybe it is your hair color, the condition of your skin, how straight your teeth are or your body shape. The truth is, that if these things are affecting your confidence then you can make the changes to improve the situation. You could go to Glucks Orthodontics and they can help you achieve the smile you want. You could also become more active and change your lifestyle to feel better in your own skin. You can change your hair color if you wish- cut it, style it differently, change the way you dress. These things are doable, but they must come from you, and you must have the motivation and desire to want to do them. Otherwise it just won’t work.

It might all be in your mind

The main issue people struggle with is their mindset and attitude. Confidence is mostly all about these things. How you think and the actions you take are important. So how can you boost your confidence in this way? You need to change the way you think and approach things. A positive thought process and outlook on life can make all of the difference when it comes to improving confidence. Negative thoughts can only hold you back. They can give you a distorted view on reality, and therefore affect you in other ways such as your confidence to do different things.

Step out of your comfort zone

The only way you are going to start making some changes and feeling more confident is if you step out of your comfort zone once and for all and make those changes happen. Confidence can often do with the actions you take, or a lack of confidence is the fear of not doing them right or successfully. Try not thinking about it in that way and instead see this as an adventure. Whether it is simply wearing a bright color or doing something daring like a zip lining or charity trek. Take the plunge and just go for it. Your confidence will begin to rise naturally.

Change your lifestyle

Sometimes when it comes to things like confidence levels, your thoughts about lifestyle changes can often be the key to its success. Eating the right food, and exercising regularly, can play a big part in how you feel.


I hope that these tips help you to start improving your confidence levels.


Cracking The Bikini Body Secret

Summer is fast approaching. That means one thing. Bikini time! If this fills you with dread, fear not. Taking action now can help you to become bikini ready in time for those long, hot days of summer.

My birthday photo shoot in Pinones, Puerto Rico


Before I get into diet and exercise, let's talk about confidence. This is the most important factor.  It’s ok to be you. Own it. Love yourself and don't let others approval define who you are. It doesn't matter what size and shape you are, you can feel beautiful in your swimwear this summer.

Think about the type of suit that fits your body shape the best. Apples shapes might want to go for a v-necked one piece, while athletic types might favour a tankini. Not everyone is suited to a two piece, so don't force yourself into one. There are so many suits out there in sizes 0-26+, so don't limit yourself this season.

Also consider the little things that can make your confidence soar. Paint your toenails and get your feet all buffed and ready. Exfoliate and moisture too so you feel good about yourself.

There are also some great suits that give you a bit of help and flatten out your lumps and bumps. If you are feeling self conscious, take a look here, to find something that can help.

If you are still not feeling summer ready, consider taking inches off with a body wrap or cosmetic laser dermatology. Whichever you choose make sure you do your homework and make the right choice for you.


So you’ve got a great suit and some confidence but you’d still like to lose a few pounds before hitting the beach? That's ok too. You know at what weight you feel your best. You could try eating more fruit and vegetables. The increased fiber and water content of this food, fills you up for longer, making craving for bad things less likely. You could also try a whole food diet, removing anything processed like sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet.

Homemade loaded shrimp salad (cooked in 100% Coconut Oil)

Homemade loaded shrimp salad (cooked in 100% Coconut Oil)


Another way of gaining a summer body you can be proud of is to exercise. Remember though that abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym, so make sure you exercise along with a healthy and well balanced diet.

A very popular exercise method is HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. This is great if you are busy and find getting to the gym a struggle. You can do HIIT workouts in your own home and without any equipment. The idea behind it is that you spend less time overall working out. You exercise in small short bursts, putting all your effort in and then rest for a short time and so on. This shocks your body into burning fat. Check out these great Youtube videos for a free lesson.

Another great exercise for getting bikini body ready is Pilates. Pilates is designed to strengthen your core muscles through resistance work. You can do a pilates workout in a kitted out studio, or in your own living room. Equipment is pretty cheap and many people say that it improves their posture and overall well being as well.

How do you plan on getting bikini ready this season??