Want To Wow This Summer? Eat A Balanced Diet!

Ladies love to look great every single day, but summer is the most important season on the calendar. When the temperature rises, the clothes come off and we tend to spend more time in social situations. So, when you are out with the girls baring more skin, it’s vital to be on top of your game. Plus, there is the beach to think about when you go on an inevitable summer vacation. For these reasons, women have wondered about the best way to wow. Well, The Kashonna Files can confirm it is all about your diet. If you are a non-believer, here are the reasons why. 

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Nutrients Make Skin Glow

A balanced diet has a range of different nutrients, from L-lysine to cod liver oil and vitamins A to D. And, all of these elements have lots of benefits for a person’s skin. Why? It’s because they contain antioxidants which improve skin tone by reducing damage to the cells. Also, they keep skin less dry and moister, so there is less chance of an outbreak of spots. And, if that wasn’t enough, they can tackle conditions such as eczema and shingles. Studies show that butternut squash is the most powerful food to flatten bad skin.

And Thicken Hair

Don’t you get jealous when you see a woman on the street with luscious locks? Well, there is no need to anymore as the same nutrients that affect your skin work wonders on hair, too. It is mainly down to lysine as this is one of the amino acids which boost the production of keratin. Keratin, in general, is a skin protector as it limits the damage of external and internal factors, such as the cold and stress. Quite simply, it is the guardian of hair, so consuming more will increase volume. Methionine, Glycine and Proline are three other amino acids to implement into your diet for hair growth.

Weight Loss

It isn’t a secret, but it is worth remembering that a balanced diet helps to regulate body weight. Of course, losing a few pounds is always a good way to look and feel good, especially in the summer. To begin with, there is less reason to be anxious about because your body has fewer flaws. Also, there is the fact that losing weight is a health benefit. With less fat in your system, all of the bodily systems and functions are more effective. This can affect everything from skin to muscle tone and beyond.

Improves Mood

It’s easy to own the physical benefits, but the mental side of a balanced diet is very important, too. Let’s face it – everyone wants to enjoy the summer. The sun is out, so are the people, and everyone is having a good time. If you are not, it will affect your appearance. To begin with, you will seem as if you have a bee hive in your mouth, which isn’t attractive. Plus, a bad mental attitude can lead to stress.


And, the more you have in your system, the worse your body will look this summer.  

The Secrets Of Good Health

Lots of us work hard to achieve that natural, healthy glow look. We spend hundreds on makeup and hair products to help create the illusion of vitality and youth. But naturally healthy skin and hair are signs that we have been looking after our bodies well. We know it’s a great look to have, so how can we have it naturally?

Good health doesn’t just offer us good looking skin and hair. Healthy eyes shine brightly, making them more attractive too and good health gives our immune system a boost. This can mean fewer days being ill because nobody looks good with a cold! Another sign of good health is an abundance of energy. We have focus and drive. We can leap out of bed in the morning feeling good about the world.

Good health is easy to achieve in theory, but the discipline and commitment you need to maintain it can be quite a challenge. This time of year makes it particularly tough to do because of all the parties and festive meals. However, everything in moderation is a good motto to have. Don’t deny yourself that glass of wine, just don’t do it every day and enjoy the flavor of the foods you love without filling up on them. 

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We all know a good diet is essential to good health. But not many of us know what goes into a good diet. Generally speaking, a variety of fruit and vegetables each day is a good start. You also need protein from lean meat or beans. Calcium is essential for good teeth and bones. Contrary to some beliefs, you need certain fats in your diet. Fats from some fish and nuts are very good for you and we all need a healthy amount of carbohydrates.

Sometimes it’s hard to get everything we need from a regular diet. Vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements can help. You can find a wide range of options with Tiens products online to help give you an idea of what you might be lacking. We’re all different, and we all have different diets and different needs. You can always speak to a health care professional or nutritionist to give you advice about your specific requirements.

Regular physical activity is essential to good health. It keeps the circulation going and encourages our natural bodily processes. Sitting for long periods can be very detrimental to our health. We just weren’t built for it. Keep your body moving as much as you can. Even a short walk every hour or so can be beneficial and always rehydrate with plenty of water. 

The final key to good health is good quality sleep. You don’t need lots of it, but seven to eight hours every night is beneficial. The body renews itself, and the mind carefully files away all your sensory input and memories efficiently. This aids concentration, memory, and good mental health. It can also help you maintain good emotional health, as good sleep promotes calm and balance.

Cheers to staying healthy and well all year round!!