How To Get The Most Out Of Your Health

Your health is one of the most important things that you need to think about in your life, above all, because it's also one of the very little things that you're actually able to control - so make sure that you do so. There are many different things that you'll want to think about when it comes to your health, but here are some of the main areas that you'll want to focus on.

Nourish your body with what it needs

Everyone says that you are what you eat, and this can be as literal as you make it. Your body needs so many different nutrients, minerals and vitamins in order for it to work and function properly. Without consuming these, your body won't be as strong as it can be. You won't have as much energy as you should have, your immune system will be weak and if you're unfortunate enough to get a common cold or bug, it will take a lot longer for your body to repair itself compared to if you were healthy.

Have regular checkups

So many people refrain from going to the doctor for a checkup because they assume that it's not only a hassle, but also people don’t want to feel like they’re wasting someone’s time, or they may feel like a hypochondriac. But the thing is, this tends to be the reason why so many people are ill and get un-diagnosed with a serious issue. Just because you may not feel any specific symptoms doesn't mean that you have none. For example, there are times when individuals do not experience symptomatology from certain forms of cancer, and this is why yearly physicals and well women’s exams and any kind of help from Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Inspire can be a first level of prevention. Of course, these are all worst case scenarios, but you can never be too sure unless you get yourself checked out.

Start active every day   

Exercise is so important - it isn't just about eating well, it's about getting your body moving and you circulating yourself. Get the heart beating and your blood pumping through your veins. Your body needs to move and be active in order to burn off fat and gain muscle. Having said that, it isn't all about getting in shape purely for the aesthetic appearance, but for all the good it does for you on the inside too. It can be anything from running around the block, to signing up for a gym membership, or even just turning on your favorite songs and dancing around the house.

Now that you know what you need to look out for, make sure that you take the time to do so, because above everything else, you need to make sure that you look after yourself, because no one else will if you don't let them. It's all about the little things, but as long as you live your life in moderation, everything should run smoothly.


How To Achieve A Balanced State Of Well-being

You can probably attest to the fact that a long-term healthy routine is hard to achieve. Most of us fluctuate when it comes to our physical and mental well-being. You might put on a few pounds, go running for a few weeks, lose the weight, and then go back to a sedentary lifestyle. Or maybe you get into a good sleeping pattern only to ruin it all when you take a summer vacation or see your family at Christmas. After that, it takes a few months to get back into a good rhythm. Obviously, nobody’s perfect, and we’re all allowed occasional treats or lazy days when it comes to our health. In fact, being able to relax is important for your mental health, but you should strive to maintain some semblance of balance and structure in your life. These are some small steps to achieving a balanced state of well-being.

Think about your diet and level of physical activity.

The first step to consider when you’re trying to achieve a balanced state of well-being is improving your diet. The food you eat has such a big impact on your physical and emotional well being. If you’re struggling to stick to a healthy diet then try making meal plans at first. As mentioned in the introduction, the key to achieving a lasting healthy routine is to find some semblance of structure in your life. The other component of a healthy physical lifestyle is regular exercise. You need to strive for daily physical exercise in a healthy routine.

Rather than simply going for a run when you need to lose a few pounds, as was discussed in the introduction, you should try going for a run every day. Maybe you’ve never felt the motivation to do that because you don’t have the time or energy for a strenuous workout routine. However, you don’t have to push yourself too hard at first. Even 10 minutes of jogging around your local area on a daily basis is better than doing no exercise at all. You’ll feel the difference in terms of your physical and mental health. Moving your body releases endorphins in the brain, and that’ll improve your motivation. You’ll be able to gradually increase the intensity of your workout routine.

Cut down on unhealthy habits.

Living a balanced lifestyle is about more than adopting healthy habits; you also have to cut down on the unhealthy habits in your existing daily routine. We’re all allowed occasional treats in life, as mentioned earlier, but you need to recognize the habits that have developed into something more excessive. Whether you drink too much alcohol, eat too much junk food, or engage in some other bad habit, you need to wean yourself off these things if you want to achieve a balanced state of well-being. You might even want to look into residential drug treatment to get some professional assistance. It’s a smart idea to get support for unhealthy habits that are starting to spiral out of control.

Prioritize a regular sleeping pattern.

This is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s something that so many people in the modern world dismiss. You might think that a cup of coffee is the solution for a sleepless night, but that isn’t the case. A lack of energy is only one symptom of a larger problem. Sleep deprivation weakens your metabolism, immune system, muscles, and mental health. All of the healthy changes you’re making will be impeded by a poor sleeping routine. Get enough rest every night if you want to achieve a balanced state of well-being. If you’re struggling to get 8 hours of sleep because you can’t shut down your mind then try avoiding stimulants such as coffee and phone screens before bed.


Handle The Cost Of Your Health The Right Way

Ask any expert, and they will tell you that issues with health and an unhealthy lifestyle are often caused by socio-economic factors.

Stop eating fast food!” The media yells at you every day. This is easy for someone on a high salary, but if you have four kids and you are working with a low income, it’s not quite that simple is it? Particularly when fast food can provide you with Friday night meal for less than a healthy home cooked dinner. This is one of the problems most of us face when we try and stay healthy. How are you supposed to handle the costs?

Well, there are steps you can take here that will ensure you can look after your wellbeing and afford the cost of doing so.

Medical Bills

This is a big one. Medical bills are actually one of the main causes of debt in America, and it’s not surprising. A cost for serious treatment can range in the thousands. So, how are you supposed to handle this rather large financial problem? Well, there are a few steps you can take here.

First, don’t automatically head to the doctors when you think you have a medical issue. Sometimes it may be nothing, and waiting to see if the symptoms subside may not be a bad thing. If you happen to go immediately, you could be treated to an unnecessary and expensive, x-ray, body scan and be provided with meds that could even cause you to develop symptoms. Are you starting to see the issue?

Obviously, sometimes you can’t afford getting treatment, and that’s why you should make sure that you have an insurance plan. Of course, this easier said than done, but if you can, it’s worth fitting this monthly cost in your budget. It will save you a lot in the long term and make sure that you don’t get greeted with a nasty bill.

Of course, what doctors won’t tell you is that insurance plans don’t always cover full treatment. So, you might still need to pay. At this point you’ll have to usually take out a loan or pay on credit. If you’re already in the position where you have done this too many times, consider a poor credit solution. To learn more about this, research bad credit credit cards and find out how you can still deal with bills like this.

Food Costs

Eating healthy isn’t cheap, and we have already talked a little about this, but it’s worth thinking about what you need and what you don’t. First, while they might be good for you, the main benefit of organic food is that it tastes nicer. 

Second always look for deals on products and avoid the ‘healthy’ ready meals. These aren’t as healthy as they seem because they are usually packed full of cheap ingredients and coated with sugar or salt to provide flavor. Instead, make sure that you are buying food to cook up yourself. Purchase a cookbook, and this will stop you resorting to a takeaway because the meals you’re preparing are bland. With a great cookbook, you can have fun with new recipes and dishes to make sure that you’re eating healthy and having fun doing it essentially. It can be tough to get the hang of this at first but stick with it, and you’ll be cooking up plenty of delicious, exciting meals for the whole family.

Do make use of your freezing. Freezing homemade food and then reheating it does not take away how healthy it is and it will make evening meals last a lot longer. You’ll be able to start storing meals that are easy to prepare when you can’t be bothered to cook and avoid the take-out menu or fast food restaurants completely. You’ll save too because food will be lasting for more than a day and you won’t have to use as much energy. It’s essentially a win-win scenario.

Bad Habits Cost A Fortune

You might think that you need something like cigarettes to relieve stress. But they are not just the cure, they’re the disease. The same is true for a variety of coping mechanisms that are actually just bad habits. They’re bad for your mind and your body. You need to start working to cut these out your life and look for new healthier, cheaper ways to relieve stress. One option would be meditation. It’s worth admitting that this won’t work straight away, particularly if you have been relying on an unhealthy bad habit for a while. But studies do show that meditation will help you relax and will get you to the point that you want to be. It will allow you to feel better about your life and calmer, ensuring you can deal with many of the challenges that you might be facing.

Getting Fit

Finally, you might have been watching celebrities lose weight and get in shape. Now you’re thinking, why can’t I do that? Well, they go on intense fitness regimes that are handled by experts, which cost a pretty penny. But here’s the good news, you can get the same effect simply by going on a walk around your neighborhood. You don’t need to join a gym, you just need a pair of shoes. Studies have shown that light exercise is just as effective for dropping those pounds and staying in shape as running on a treadmill. Ultimately, this is all you need, and it’s absolutely free. Going on a walk might not be exciting, but it costs you absolutely nothing and the fresh air will do wonders for your health and your body.


Your health can be expensive, it’s true, but take this advice, and you’ll be able to handle the cost, without impacting your quality of life.



Jeunesse: The Future of Well-being

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray founded Jeunesse Global in 2009. Since its founding, the company has grown and now has 32 fully operational offices that are located throughout the world. The company invests in research for fat loss transfer, adult stem cell science, DNA repair, nutrigenomics, and telomere support. The company offers multilingual customer service, in-house programming, a global enrollment system, and a back office support team. The company has flourished because it has continued to provide consumers with a wide range of skin care products and nutritional supplements that increase vitality and overall well-being.


ZEN BODI features the ZEN Project 8 weight loss and management program. This program includes three phases that are Detox, Ignite, and Thrive. With this program, participants will learn how to monitor food portions and make healthy food choices to maintain a healthy weight. The program lasts for eight weeks, and it provides participants with healthy recipes and an active support group of program participants.

Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless is an effective micro cream that lasts for up to nine hours and starts to work in as little as two minutes after it is applied. The cream is an ideal way to treat forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, under eye bags, and hooded eyes.


M1ND is a drink that helps individuals improve mental focus and memory. This product was inspired by Eastern medicine, and it contains CERA-Q. This ingredient is made from proteins that were taken from silkworm cocoons. The drink is a lemon meringue flavor that comes packed in a small and convenient package.


Reserve is a drink that is made to enhance well-being. It is packed with powerful antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage. The drink is a sweet berry flavor and doesn't contain artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. Reserve contains dark sweet cherry that is taken from the Caucasus Mountain region. These cherries contain ample amounts of anthocyanin glycosides that are known to effectively fight against oxidative stress. In addition, the drink also includes Concord grapes, acai berries, blueberries, green tea, grape seed extract, and more.


Narra is a skin care supplement that is offered as a drink, and it contains powerful anti-aging ingredients that include 5000 mg of TruMarine Collagen. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, TruMarine Collagen improved the appearance of the skin in under one month. The supplement also promotes the natural formation of collagen, minimizes pores and fine lines, and improves firmness and elasticity.

MonaVie Active

This supplemental drink is formulated to promote well-being. It has a potent blend of antioxidants that were derived from 19 fruits that include the acai berry. MonaVie Active contains an abundance of vitamin C that is essential for protecting the cells from free radical damage and oxidative stress. Some fruits that are included in this blend are apple, white grape, banana, prune, pear, blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, and kiwi. In addition, this drink also includes a plant-based source of glucosamine, which is vegan-friendly and suitable for those with an allergy to shellfish.


Nevo is the Jeunesse energy drink. The drink is available in four flavors that include peach mango, acai grape, mixed berry, and lemon ginger. The drink contains green tea, guarana, and Yerba Mate. In addition, the drink also includes vitamin C, vitamin B6, Vitamin, B12, and more. The drink doesn't contain artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors, and it is only 50 calories per can.


Benefits of Supplements: A conversation w/ Elysium Health

Who Is Elysium Health?

Elysium Health is a health company that is translating advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work. The company was co-founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, a scientist and the director of the Paul F. Center for Biology of Aging at MIT. Elysium Health works with world-renowned scientists who guide the direction of the company and its research.

The mission of Elysium Health is to help people live healthier, longer. To do so, the company has partnered with scientists and researchers at leading institutions including Oxford and Harvard. By partnering with these prestigious institutions, the products developed by Elysium Health can be rigorously researched and tested.

Basis by Elysium Health

Basis is the first product that has been released by Elysium Health. It is proven to increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ is a coenzyme that is known to decrease within the human body as a result of aging. NAD+ is essential to many important functions within the body, including regulating the body’s circadian rhythms, which are important for maintaining proper rest cycles. NAD+ also is required for energy creation and protecting the body's DNA.

Basis contains two active ingredients that help to maintain NAD+ levels. Nicotinamide riboside, a precursor to NAD+, which the body uses to power metabolism, and pterostilbene, a powerful polyphenol similar to resveratrol, but more bioavailable.

Basis is different from many of the other health products that are available on the market today. The difference comes from the fact that Elysium Health put the supplement through a clinical trial. The results of the study, which were published in the online science journal npj: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease, demonstrated proved that Basis increases and sustains NAD+ levels in humans by an average of 40 percent.

Basis was designed to be used by adults long-term. The product is quite easy to take. Two capsules should be taken every day, ideally in the morning. Virtually any adult can take Basis because it is vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free, as well as free of any artificial flavors and colors.

Purchasing Basis

Those who want to start taking Basis have a number of options. Individual bottles of the product may be purchased for $60. However, there are more cost-efficient plans available. A regular monthly subscription costs $50 per month. Prepaying for six months upfront costs $270, which breaks down to $45 per month. Prepaying for an entire year of the supplement costs $480, which is only $40 per month.


Elysium Health is also developing new products that focus on cognitive health, skin health, muscle function, and circadian rhythms. These products are currently in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical trials.


Prevent Health Issues In Your 20s

Growing older is a whirlwind which can take us by surprise when we hit our mid-twenties. We are suddenly a world away from being a teenager and we are closer to becoming parents and grandparents mentally.

One of the things we have to start thinking about more during our twenties is our health. Gone are the days when we could eat 20 bags of Doritos without putting on a pound, and we are no longer invincible. Unless we want to be hooked up to an Oxygen tank or unable to walk in our 50s, we need to act and become healthier today. 

Weigh yourself

Sometimes people say you shouldn’t weigh yourself when trying to stay healthy, but it is a simple fact that if we see a number on the scale, we are more likely to act on it. You should be weighing yourself once or twice a week to check on your progress, and this will provide you with the motivation to make healthier choices in your life. 

Learn how to cook

If you ever want to be healthy and fit, you need to put down the ready meals and start experimenting in the kitchen. When we cook food for ourselves we are able to control what goes into our meals. We are able to ensure that everything we put on our plate is healthy, natural and unprocessed. Start creating simple dishes with a meat of your choice, vegetables and a source of carbohydrates like potato or sweet potato. You can create well balanced meals in no time and be healthier than ever by sticking to a formula of 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% carbs on your plate. 

Cut sugar

Sugar is a fuel which our body needs to function, however, when we eat processed or refined sugars they can be harmful to our bodies and make us put on weight. To cut down on the sugar in your diet you can start off by switching the sugar you have in your coffee for a dash of honey. Honey is a natural product and even helps keep your immune from hay fever. Cut out soft drinks, limit alcohol and drop the chocolate cake if you want to stay as healthy as you can. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every so often, but just make sure you cut it out for the rest of the time. 

Be active

If you sit at a desk all day working and then come home to sit in front of the TV, it is no surprise that you aren’t shifting the pounds. If you want to keep your body and immune system strong you need to get up and do some exercise every single day. It only needs to be 30 minutes of an activity, but it will make a huge difference to your body.

Eat the rainbow

You may have heard that the more colorful your plate is, the healthier the meal is. This is a fact and you can really benefit from packing your plate full of color. Get your greens from leaves, broccoli, and beans, get your yellow and orange with bell peppers and chili, bring deep red onto the plate with beetroot and add purple in the form of cabbage. Every different colored vegetable has a different nutrient which your body needs, and it is this which will keep you fighting fit throughout your life.


Tackling Your Body's Problem Areas

Everyone has different areas of their bodies that they don’t feel 100 percent confident with. Sometimes, there is excess weight that just clings on and won’t go away no matter what physical activities you engage in.

Everyone’s bodies store fat in different ways. Of course, you can target your problem areas directly with techniques such as neck liposuction. In this blog post, we are going to look at some of the key causes that lurk behind the most commonly complained about areas.



If you feel like you have done endless abdominal exercises and weight loss techniques to reduce your belly fat, you may find that this is a problem which is brought on by stress. When you feel stressed, your body releases extra cortisol from your adrenal glands, resulting in extra fat storage around the stomach. So, you could try out some stress-busting techniques to add a greater sense of calm to your life. If this doesn’t work, it may be the bacteria in your stomach which is causing bloating, so you could try cutting out sugars, grains or perhaps even citrus fruits to see if this makes any difference at all.


If your arms are the area of your body that is causing you problems, this could be down to high levels of insulin. This may be a result of your diet including too much fast food, sugary items, and processes dinners. Also, if you are not currently getting enough protein, fiber or healthy fats in your diet, this could also be causing you problems. Stress may also be playing a role in all this as well. So, try some experimentation with your diet to start off with, making it more balanced and less unhealthy. Stress management may also be a solution which proves to have some positive effects for you.


Maybe excess weight and fat in your thighs is down to the fact that your oestrogen levels are high and they are causing it to be distributed here. Try limiting the amount of excess oestrogen in your body by steering clear of soy products, as well as milk, coffee, and food which comes in plastic packaging or other similar containers.

Love Handles

Even if you are on the skinny side, you may find that you can’t seem to get rid of your love handles. It could be that your body simply isn’t handling insulin particularly well. We already talked about a few of the ways that you can deal with this issue. Cutting down on your sugar intake is one of them. As it seems to be a running theme throughout this article, stress may also be the culprit which is leading to the issue.


Hopefully, the advice provided in this article has presented you with some useful techniques which you can employ yourself to tackle the areas of your body which have been causing you problems and anxiety.


Fundamentals of a Muscle Training Program

There are three indispensable factors to gain muscle: nutrition, training and recovery. The basics of a muscle training program for gaining muscle is relatively simple to understand. The secret is to stimulate the body just enough to gain muscle without increasing recovery time or putting the body in a state of overtraining.

To simplify your task, I'll just introduce what worked for me and help me gain more muscle without gaining more fat. It is no secret that many men and even many women want muscular arms. The purpose of this post is not to make you huge or extremely muscular, but to give you the keys that will allow you to build muscle in the long run because that's how you will have the most results.

The problem is that the training frequency is very important for muscle mass gain and if you increase your recovery time you reduce the frequency of your workouts. On the other hand, you should also rest as much as possible. Training is the only way to finally have results.

Do three sessions a week

This allows you to train each muscle twice, while also allowing you enough rest between two stimulations so that you can rest and grow. The volume of these training sessions may also be reduced.

However, depending on the week and the number of bodybuilding sessions, you will train on different days of the week, by combining different muscle groups each week. You want to change, take your training in hand and add a few extra pounds of muscle. Intensity techniques such as series, negative repetitions and super-sets will, therefore, be decisive for your results.

If training does not challenge your muscles, you will not grow. The main mistake I made for many years is that I had a high frequency of workouts for my muscles thinking that it would promote muscle gain. Therefore, during the third, fourth and fifth weeks, you should strengthen your arms three times a week. You must only do this, and no other sport during this period.

There are many different training programs for mass gain, and here are some ways to employ them. For example, wave periodization, which consists of simply increasing weight and repetitions at each training session, seems to be superior to other forms of periodization. Each training is therefore composed of the same exercises, but each one has a part of the body which is more targeted.

The principle is quite simple, you do these movements each session. Do as many sets as you want. The first week should also be designed to train your biceps and triceps.

But the program is exactly the same, only nutrition changes. Several studies have shown that when people had exceeded their limits for several weeks, they developed their muscle mass significantly during the two less intensive weeks that followed. The extra food will therefore only be used for muscle reconstruction.


Your body will react to the level of stimuli that you impose on it. In the case of muscle gain, nutrition becomes even more important. Because even if your program is perfect, if you do not have a muscle-gaining diet, you're not going to get muscle the way you want.

After your workout, your muscles are ready to absorb a large number of macronutrients to rebuild themselves and become stronger. Snacks are more easily digested than a large, hearty meal and are great if you get full quickly because of a small stomach volume.

Supplement appropriately

A good supplementation is essential to gain mass. It was when I started eating properly that I started to get muscle fast. On the other hand, you may wonder, “How do I determine my calorie intake?” Well pre-packaged dinners for men like Nutrisystem should make it simple to start eating healthier as well as to lose weight.


This type of training requires a lot of calories but produces good results. Three traditional meals and three snacks are recommended per day. There is no secret...if you want to build muscle you will have to provide your body all the tools necessary for muscle construction and your body builds muscle through a high-calorie diet. Therefore, do not forget that to gain muscle you need to eat a lot of protein.


A Foolproof Guide To Developing Healthy Habits

When it comes to healthy habits, you probably know what you should be doing.

It would be difficult not to, in truth. The realities of the health decisions we make are made clear every single day. It’s fair to assume that most people will - at least in abstract - know the following things they should or shouldn’t do regarding their health:

  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet that is low in sugar and refined fats.

  • Eat a good amount of oily fish for optimal health.

  • Be neither over or underweight, instead finding a “just right” zone for yourself.

  • Exercise regularly, at least three times a week though preferably more.

  • Drink plenty of water, ideally around two liters per day.

  • Don’t binge drink alcohol or exceed your weekly recommended intake limit.

  • Don’t smoke cigarettes, period.

The above are pretty much the established things we all know we should do, but… don’t.

Life has a tendency to get in the way. You want to eat a healthy diet with meals at regular intervals, but then you have to work through lunch on a tough office project. You want to work out three times a week, but then you have a clash of social engagements and work-related events and you just don’t have the time. You know you shouldn’t drink excessively, but you’ve had a hard week, what’s an extra glass of wine going to do? And so on and so forth.

It’s fair to say that knowledge is not the problem when it comes to healthy habits. We all know them; they’re all repeated to us often enough. Just because we know something doesn’t mean we can do it; it’s the implementation that’s the problem. We’re busy; we get distracted; we forget just how important these things can be.

So how can you learn healthy habits - and keep them established?


#1 - Repetition

It takes 30 days to make a habit, or so the conventional wisdom goes. That means that to truly establish a good habit, you’re going to have to commit to it, every day, for 30 days.

So let’s take an example, an easy one to begin with: quitting smoking. If you go cold turkey when you quit smoking, the chances of success aren’t good. You’re far better off with nicotine replacement therapy or - most commonly - switching to vaping, which is generally considered to be a far safer alternative to tobacco. If you’re interested in using vaping to quit cigarettes then you can learn more at; for NRT ideas, or contact your doctor.

So on day one, you don’t smoke - and you don’t change that at all for 30 days. Try and see this as a 30 day stretch; ignore the fact that after 30 days, you still won’t smoke. Just focus on those thirty days; run a countdown; do anything you can to keep yourself on track for that period.

By the time the 30 days are up, you won’t even want to return to your bad habit. The new, better habit will have become the normal. It’s a psychological trick on yourself, but it’s incredibly effective if you get yourself to see through those 30 days.

#2 - Start Early

So let’s think about an exercise regime; perhaps you want to do yoga, thanks to the myriad of benefits it has to offer its practitioners.

If you plan to go to a yoga class at the end of the day - when you have already gone through an entire eight hours of work - then you’re not making it easy on yourself. You’re relying on the idea that you will have the time, effort, and inclination after a day that is already long enough. For the first few times you’re meant to do it, your newfound optimism and determination will be enough to get you into the studio - but it’s incredibly unlikely that's a routine you’re going to be able to continue.

So rather than tagging your new yoga routine at the end of the day, start with your new plan. Get up 20 minutes earlier and do yoga in front of the TV, while you wait for coffee to brew and your breakfast to cook. At this point in the day, you’ll be more open and receptive to the idea, because you’ve yet to tire yourself out with the stresses of a normal working day. If you need some advice on getting up earlier, then has got you covered.

This also means you can bask in the fact you’ve ticked off your new routine before most people have got out of bed. Allow yourself a little smugness - you’ve earned it!

#3 - Try Hypnotism

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to establish healthy habits is to make your existing habits distasteful to you. In comparison, the healthier way of doing things naturally becomes preferable.

But how do you make yourself dislike food that’s bad for you? We don’t eat junk food, sugar, and processed meals because we dislike them - we do it because they taste good. They are specifically designed to not only taste good, but make us want to come back for more and more. How can you possibly convince yourself they’re actually terrible, when your entire body is craving them?

Hypnotism might be the answer you’re looking for. Under clinical settings, a hypnotist can attempt to “rewire” the way you think about certain foods. Rather than seeing them as delicious, your brain can be awakened to associating them with ill health and feeling uncomfortable. The success of this depends on how susceptible you are to hypnotism in general, but you won’t know unless you find out.


Establishing healthy habits is difficult, especially if you’re trying to do everything at once. Nevertheless, it is possible to change the way your mind works and establish a reliable pattern that allows you to move forward in healthier, more beneficial ways. Repeat; trick; and even hypnotize yourself into seeing the light - you’ll be better off for it in every possible way.


Want To Wow This Summer? Eat A Balanced Diet!

Ladies love to look great every single day, but summer is the most important season on the calendar. When the temperature rises, the clothes come off and we tend to spend more time in social situations. So, when you are out with the girls baring more skin, it’s vital to be on top of your game. Plus, there is the beach to think about when you go on an inevitable summer vacation. For these reasons, women have wondered about the best way to wow. Well, The Kashonna Files can confirm it is all about your diet. If you are a non-believer, here are the reasons why. 

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Nutrients Make Skin Glow

A balanced diet has a range of different nutrients, from L-lysine to cod liver oil and vitamins A to D. And, all of these elements have lots of benefits for a person’s skin. Why? It’s because they contain antioxidants which improve skin tone by reducing damage to the cells. Also, they keep skin less dry and moister, so there is less chance of an outbreak of spots. And, if that wasn’t enough, they can tackle conditions such as eczema and shingles. Studies show that butternut squash is the most powerful food to flatten bad skin.

And Thicken Hair

Don’t you get jealous when you see a woman on the street with luscious locks? Well, there is no need to anymore as the same nutrients that affect your skin work wonders on hair, too. It is mainly down to lysine as this is one of the amino acids which boost the production of keratin. Keratin, in general, is a skin protector as it limits the damage of external and internal factors, such as the cold and stress. Quite simply, it is the guardian of hair, so consuming more will increase volume. Methionine, Glycine and Proline are three other amino acids to implement into your diet for hair growth.

Weight Loss

It isn’t a secret, but it is worth remembering that a balanced diet helps to regulate body weight. Of course, losing a few pounds is always a good way to look and feel good, especially in the summer. To begin with, there is less reason to be anxious about because your body has fewer flaws. Also, there is the fact that losing weight is a health benefit. With less fat in your system, all of the bodily systems and functions are more effective. This can affect everything from skin to muscle tone and beyond.

Improves Mood

It’s easy to own the physical benefits, but the mental side of a balanced diet is very important, too. Let’s face it – everyone wants to enjoy the summer. The sun is out, so are the people, and everyone is having a good time. If you are not, it will affect your appearance. To begin with, you will seem as if you have a bee hive in your mouth, which isn’t attractive. Plus, a bad mental attitude can lead to stress.


And, the more you have in your system, the worse your body will look this summer.