Why Your Mental Health Is Just As Important as Your Fitness

Most people tend to focus on the surface and deal with physical fitness only, however, looking after your mental health and your brain functions is just as important as working out. An increasing number of people develop Alzheimer’s and other old age illnesses that can reduce their ability to enjoy life after retirement.

If you would like to stay sharp and balanced, take a look at the reasons why your mental health is just as important as your physical.

Keeping Your Brain Active

It is important that you get enough stimuli to think and use your brain, or you will get lazy. There are plenty of ways you can engage with your environment and exercise your different senses without having to enter chess competitions. Reduce your screen time and read, so you can use your imagination. Check out Readings With Matt for inspiration. Try to complete jigsaws, start playing logical games, or do online crosswords. If you don’t relax your brain every now and then, your thoughts will keep on circulating at night, causing insomnia.


Your short term and long term memory depend on your mental health. You need to maintain a close relationship with reality, keep up with technology, and make sure that you keep an eye on your mental abilities. There is nothing worse than worrying about whether or not you turned off the oven before you left the house. If you often find yourself double checking things, and it begins to impair your daily functioning, you might want to think about seeing  a mental health professional to find out whether you are in danger of developing OCD and how you can improve your short term memory.

Dealing with Challenges

If you look after your mental health and ask for professional help whenever you feel overwhelmed, you will be able to learn new ways of dealing with challenging situations without causing harm to yourself or others. You need to practice mindfulness and make sure that you accept yourself before you can start trying to solve your problems.

Staying Flexible

If you would like to keep yourself in the best health possible, chances are that you are on a rigorous exercise routine. Do you get stressed if you don’t hit your weight loss target or get beaten by your teammates? If this is the case, you will have to learn how to stay flexible and give yourself allowances. Befriend yourself and accept your limitations, so you can stay flexible and adjust your life to your personal needs.

Developing Helpful Coping Mechanisms

If you look after your mental health, you will be able to find ways of coping with difficult people, situations, and relationships in the most positive way. If you don’t invest in your self-help, you will find yourself making things worse and being disappointed with yourself. Today we are facing much more stress than previous generations, so you have to learn how to switch off and relax.

Preventing Psychosomatic Illnesses

Some scientists believe that there is a much closer relationship between mental and physical health than most of us believe. The idea of psychosomatic illnesses is not new in science, and you might have experienced that you are more prone to infections, mood swings, and even serious long term conditions if you are not happy with how your life is going. People who don’t sleep enough and are always stressed are more likely to become sick.

Staying Focused

If you can clear your mind sometimes through practicing meditation, or mindfulness, you can get more focused on your tasks, and even your fitness plans. Whenever you feel like you are suffering from information overload and cannot see what’s ahead of you, take a step back and try to reflect on your situation. Notice and acknowledge the negative thoughts and let them go so you can keep on working towards your personal goals.

Better Clarity of Thoughts

Once you are able to think things through and take a step back from your busy life, magical things can happen. You will be able to see your situation clearer, without the emotional charge. Whether you have to make a challenging career-related decision or are dealing with money issues, seeing clearer will always help.


Some people think that exercise alone will sort their lives. However, if you don’t look after your mental health, you might end up getting injured or developing unhelpful coping mechanisms that will have a long term impact on your life. Take your mental health as seriously as your physical one and you can enjoy a happy and content life.


Tips For Living With A Mental Illness

Most of you may know that I am currently working on my doctorate in Clinical Psychology, so it is only right that I touch on the subject of mental illness because although we are living in 2017, it is still a subject of taboo for some, especially when it comes to different cultural groups. Dealing with mental illness is hard, not matter the degree. It's a very difficult issue to deal with because unlike other problems that are physically visible to the people around you - struggling with mental illness is very easy to hide, which makes it even more dangerous.  

It was once overlooked because people just put it down to attention seeking, and because of this people tend to be really frightened about opening up, but it's the year 2017, there's no need to feel like that anymore. There are so many different ways to get help, manage and improve how you feel on a daily basis.

While there are many severity types that span the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, for those who are able to cope with their symptoms a bit better than others, here are a few tips that will help you to keep a healthier perspective on things.


Focus on your strong points, but be aware of your limits.

You may not get as much done as maybe other people would, because you will be facing a lot of different things that cause you stress. But this shouldn't be seen as a negative thing. Because of all this, you are most likely very good at being patient, and patience is a great skill to have.

When having a mental illness, for some reason people tend to be quite creative. It doesn't always work out that way, but in some cases of Autism especially, people usually have great attention to detail and use their brain to store it full of knowledge and information. You would be surprised as to how many actors, musicians, and artists are actually Bipolar (manic-depressive.)

Don't look at yourself as being strange. You are unique in your own way, and that isn't because of your mental illness - it's because you're a human being. So put your attention and energy onto all the wonderful traits that you - and only you - can offer this world.


Get yourself the treatment you need.

There are far too many suicides that go on because people feel as though it's the only resort. The pain that it causes to feel that alone, dealing with such an issue that makes you so low that you don't want to be in this world with the people that love you. - That's a very dangerous spot to be in. That's why it's so important to seek medical help and discuss what the best treatment will be for you. - You don't have to suffer in silence or go through it alone. There are plenty of support that will give you all the information that you need to find what's best for you. You may find that going on medication that balances your mood is necessary, or talking to someone about exactly how you feel everyday is a more suitable option. Some people even find that herbal vaping or aromatherapy for health issues can help sooth and relax things like depression, anxiety, and even mood swings. So it really is just about discussing options and finding something that you agree to.


Get support but don't let it consume you.

It's very easy to feel like the odd one out when you're with a group of people, whether you know them or they’re just complete strangers - you know how you're feeling, and that’s pretty much all you’re able to focus on. Your mind is most likely racing with one thousand and one different things going on in your head all at the same time. If you're anxious, this will be ten times worse. Even if no one is looking at you, you will feel that this is specifically for a reason, and you will be analyzing everything like crazy!

Going to support groups for your illness can be amazing, because you're essentially in a room with all other people dealing with the same issue. Although it may feel as though you're on your own at first, the more times you go, and the more you open up - you will learn so much, not only about others, but yourself too. Groups are there to remind you that you're not weird, and you can find comfort in the idea that you will always have a place to go.

But having said that, don't use your illness as a crutch or an excuse to hold you back, or take the easy option out without having to push yourself. Sure, it may be a lot harder for you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.


Don't allow anyone to treat you badly.

For some strange reason, a lot of people that deal with a mental illness are deemed weak by other people. For example, if people are aware that you're a little different, unfortunately, most people will treat you different - even though you never asked them to do that. People may also try and take advantage of you because you are seen as an 'easy target'... Don't let them do this to you, however much they try. You're not someone that can be messed with, or someone that should just put up with silly things because 'you're different'. Don't ever feel like you need to settle in a relationship, or be silent in a conversation because the other person is trying to enforce some sort of power over you.


Finding work isn't impossible

If you're generally quite up and down, then searching for a more flexible job will be best. This may be freelance work, working from home, or if you're lucky, working for someone that is able to give you clear instructions, somewhere quiet to work in, and time off when you need it.

It's very easy to think that not mentioning your illness is a better route because it won't restrict you from the kind of work that you get offered - but don't do this. Your employer needs to know if you're not well. - Not so that they can judge or pity you - but just so they have a better understanding of things. Especially if you do have to take multiple days off, or shorten your hours.


Take responsibility for your actions.

Just because you may be a little different, doesn't always mean you get special treatment. For example, if you're in the company of others, whether that be family, friends or even strangers, - if you have a really bad day, and you lose your temper and get quite angry and aggressive - once that is all over and done with, you have to think about the possibility that you may have affected anyone while they were in your presence. Yes, it is horrible having to deal with emotions like that, but it's also horrible to see someone unraveling and losing control right in front of you, and you are not able to do a thing. So ask them if they're alright, and apologize for breaking down like that.

The same thing goes for if you made plans with people, and then end up changing your mind.  Don't just bail on them, let them know in advance so they're not left looking forward to something all week for nothing. You would like someone to take your feelings into account, so do the same for others.


Find the people that will accept you for you.

Friendships can be very hard to keep when you are dealing with a mental illness. We can all have the odd ‘good day’, which is great, and your friends may love to hang out with you. But then the day will come where you feel as though that dark gray cloud has positioned itself right above your head, and all you can feel is the weight of the rain hitting down on you. On days like this, your friends may not want to be around you, because they can't deal with how you are. - Let them feel this way. If they don't feel comfortable with you on your 'off' days, then you shouldn't want to feel comfortable around them either. That's why we have so many different people that come into our life - they all have different purposes. You just have to either be patient, or find someone that can be with you on a good or bad day regardless.

Relationships can be a lot trickier, not so much to find - but to maintain the relationship. Whether it be a few days, few weeks or few months of trying to act as 'normal' as you possibly can, you are sooner or later going to have to breathe and be yourself. - It's very scary, but how do you know you've met the right person if they haven't yet met you properly? You don't want to find out later down the line that you wasted eight months of your life, hiding a big part of yourself, trying to be the 'perfect' partner, only to find out they were a super idiot!

What about the people who are selfish and only like the sound of their own voice, or people that always think they're right and are never willing to compromise? - If they can all manage to find a relationship and keep a healthy one going - then you have absolutely nothing to worry about!


Turning Your Life Around? It Just Needs A Kick-Start

It is very easy in life to reach a point where enough is enough. We can get fed up with how we feel, how we look, how we act and how our lives are going in general. It could be a photo at a party that catches you unaware; it could be how your actions are affecting someone, it could be how bad you feel in your job - sometimes, push will come to shove, and you'll be forced into change. That's not a bad thing - but sometimes that point won't come. If you are thinking of following certain paths to make your life better, you shouldn't delay.

As easy as it is to stay stuck in a rut in regards to your physical health, your mental health, your career or your hygiene - it can be just as easy to start upon a better path. Simply put, we need to break it down. What are you going to do each and every day to make your life a little bit better? Will you stop snacking, will you be nicer? Will you put pen to paper and write that novel idea down? Take it one day at a time and make your journey as easy as possible. When we look months ahead, we can break down and fail quite easily. No worries though, you just need to pick yourself up. Remember that help is always available.

Yep - it's true. No matter what your goal is whether you want to lose weight, or jump into a more satisfying career path, you can find advice everywhere these days - thanks to the internet. With tutorials and how-to methods in abundance, you should never be without guidance. You only need to reach out and grab it - if you're looking to lose weight take this weight loss article as a good example of that. What's more, if you look, you are certain to find communities of people in the same position as you who are on the same path as you in places like Reddit or Twitter - or even dedicated forums. If you’re trying to turn your life around for whatever reason, you won’t be alone and with some basic research you’ll be able to find a set of like minded people who can give you advice and help spur you forward.

Dedication is your main tool when it comes to changing your life as well as discipline. Both of these blend together to make commitment and if you are not committed to your own personal mission to change something in your life for the better, you'll find it harder. Changing your life around is an uphill struggle, so don't burden yourself with laziness and unhelpful thoughts that will only make your personal journey harder. They are not helpful in the slightest. If you're not dedicated, you won't make room for the changes you need. If you're not disciplined, you'll find it harder to stick to the path you have chosen. Most of all, a life changing journey requires that you actually start it...


Revealed: How To Stop Stress In Its Tracks

Stress is probably the most common health problem in the world. Most people are stressed at some point in their life, with many people dealing with it for years and years. The main issue with stress is that it can lead to all sorts of physical ailments as well.

Bearing that in mind, it’s important you do what you can to rid yourself of stress. So, here are a few ways you can stop it in its tracks:

Meditate or Do Yoga

Photo Credit

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Meditation is a fantastic way to relieve yourself of stress and relax more. There are so many resources out there on sites like http://www.huffingtonpost.com that show all the benefits of meditation. It helps you clear your mind, relax your muscles and just float away from the world for a few minutes. Yoga goes hand in hand with meditation, and can also be used to get rid of your stress. Again, there are places like http://www.yogajournal.com/ that prove yoga helps reduce stress as well as improve other aspects of your health.

Most people that practice yoga will meditate as part of their session. So, you can combine both things into one, and start feeling less stressed. You don’t need to do yoga every day, although it will be very beneficial. Normally, you can get away with one or two sessions every week, lasting between half an hour and a full hour. Meditation, on the other hand, can be done every day for as little as ten minutes. Just set the time aside either in the morning or before bed at night, and try to destress.


Take Medication

Stress is a health problem just like any other physical health problem out there. What people, when they have physical problems take medicine to gain relief. If you are a medicine type of guy or gal, you can do this when you’re stressed too, you just need to know the right things to take. As seen here http://www.ibsrelief.com/reviews/ many people say that probiotics have helped reduce their stress levels. Probiotics are usually associated with stomach problems, which are also usually associated with stress! Probiotics can help to take care of your stress levels, which also could reduce the chances of stomach problems too. It’s important you take medication that doesn’t include lots of complex chemicals which lead to many side effects. You want something that’s as natural as can be, and non-addictive.

Release Your Emotions

A lot of the time, stress happens when we keep our emotions bottled up. This isn’t very good for our health or well-being, you need to let everything out. Find ways you can release your emotions, and you’ll instantly feel some stress relief. A good way you can do this is by punching a punchbag, or by listening to music at full volume and screaming out the lyrics to every song. Different people have different methods that work for them. Find out what helps you get this release, and you’ll soon wave goodbye to stress.


Relieve yourself of stress, and you will start to see dramatic improvements in your overall health and wellness too.




Why Everything We Hate About Dentists Is Wrong

If dentists are your pet peeve, or if you are panicking at the idea of needing to make an appointment to get your teeth checked, think again. Most people nourish a form of dentist hate, and it is often unjustified. It is time to debunk the myth of horror based on the unreasonable fear and misconceptions that surround the dentist profession.


The Dentist Has A Big Needle

The fear of needle, which is sometimes referred to as Trypanophobia, is the phobia of medical procedures that involves injections. The needle phobia is officially recognized by the medical and psychiatric body and can lead to intense reactions from the sufferer, such as fainting, hyperventilation, and much more. It is likely that you probably dislike needles more than you suffer from phobic reactions in their presence. This is not specifically a dentist-focused terror, but you need to understand the purpose of the dentist needle: Anesthetic. There is a lot of non-invasive dentistry processes that do not require local anesthesia. But more significant processes, such as the treatment of a cavity, are not possible without proper pain management. You need to remember that dentistry treatment with an anesthetic will be a painful experience that the needle saves you from. While some prefer to master the art of pain management with the mind it is a lot easier and safer to rely on the dentist needle.


It Is Impossible To Get An Appointment

Many patients love the excuse that it is impossible to get a proper appointment with a dentist when you need one. Generally, this is the excuse that is most commonly used to never book any maintenance appointment that would avoid the emergency call at the earliest hours of the morning for an acute toothache. Regular maintenance meetings with your dentist will avoid the imposed painful emergency by taking good care of your teeth and sorting out problems before they have the time to develop. Additionally, don’t believe the myth that you can only see your dentist during office hours. There are plenty of flexible dentists who offer weekend appointments, such as SaturdayDentist.org for example.

It Is Always Painful

Your teeth are vulnerable and sensitive. But, often experiencing tooth pain at the dentist is rarely the dentist’s fault. This occurs because you have waited too long to get an appointment, or because you have skipped maintenance appointments. Besides, the needle that is part of the dentist myth is essential to proper pain management. Modern dentistry is comfortable and easy and has nothing to do with the torture lab that many patients imagine.


I Am Too Anxious

Dentists are aware that many patients only come with an intense sense of dread to the waiting room. This is the reason why the reception area is carefully prepared to reassure, and the receptionist will have a tendency to provide friendly pieces of advice over the phone or in person if you ask them. Dentists much prefer patients to get in touch a little too often if this helps them to feel better prepared for their appointment and to overcome their anxiety. Don’t be afraid to mention your fear to your dentist in advance, so that they can help you to feel more comfortable.