How To Brighten Your Smile

Want to save your smile? Here are several ways to combat discolouration and decay and keep your teeth looking white and shiny.  

Brush more regularly

Brushing your teeth more regularly can also help to make them whiter. We should all be brushing our teeth morning and night for two minutes at a time. If you don’t already do this, adopting this routine could be an important first step to keeping those teeth bright.

Break the bad habits

There are a number of habits that are bad for our teeth. Smoking is the biggest culprit – not only does it discolor teeth and cause bad breath, but it can lead to oral infections and diseases. Quitting smoking is certain improve your oral health and help your teeth to get whiter. Your sugar intake is also important – cutting down on your soft drink consumption can make a significant impact to your teeth. Other bad habits that stain teeth include drinking lots of coffee and drinking red wine regularly.

Upgrade your toothpaste

You can also try using different toothpastes to help whiten your teeth. There are a number of special whitening toothpastes that contain ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and activated charcoal – these pastes can help to remove plaque and stains from deep within the enamel. You can also try DIY toothpastes such as baking soda and water.

Try whitening strips

Whitening strips are small plastic strips that mold to the teeth using a special whitening adhesive. The best whitening strips can help to remove plaque and stains that are deep within the crevices of our enamel. There are lots of different strips on the market to try using all kinds of ingredients such as activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide.

Chew gum

Chewing gum can also help to clean your teeth and remove stains. There are special whitening gums on the market than contain xylitol and other ingredients to help make your teeth whiter. Try chewing these gums throughout the day and see the difference.

Invest in professional whitening

A more rapid and effective way of whitening teeth could be to invest professional whitening. Veneers are a popular form of cosmetic procedure that involves capping each teeth with a white porcelain layer. This can help to make your teeth appear white, although there are conditions such as not being able to eat certain foods after like fudge and toffee. Another procedure to consider could be laser whitening. This involves adding a bleaching agent to the teeth and then activating using a laser. This is a much more expensive form of treatment and it can leave your teeth slightly sensitive, however it is guaranteed to make your teeth whiter more instantly than any other form of whitening.


Ways Vanity Can Be Good For You

Everybody’s a little bit vain. Some people are just a little more open about it than others. You can’t help but inspect yourself in the mirror each morning; appearance is something that we give great important. Of course, none of that means anything if you only strive to “look” healthy and not actually “be” healthy. The greatest way to achieve the former is to strive for the latter. You can use vanity as the motivation to start looking after your body better, but the key here is that you should be doing things which are genuinely making you healthier and not just making you “look” healthier. Here are some ways in which vanity can be a good thing for you.

Getting into shape the right way.

Getting into shape is pretty much impossible when it feels like a chore, so you need to think about a way to approach exercise and healthy eating which suits your lifestyle. You could try small tricks such as switching your large dining plates for smaller ones so as to force yourself to prioritize healthier carbohydrates and nutrients in your meals rather than overloading on unnecessary extra food. Everything should be eaten in moderation (even healthy fruits and vegetables), so smaller dining plates could help with that. Making substitutions with empty carbs for nutritional carbs is also important.

 In terms of keeping your body active, don’t force the gym or cycling if neither of those activities are exciting to you. You want a form of exercise that you can stick to because it fits nicely in your routine. Perhaps walking or jogging are relaxing to you because you can enjoy the scenery of your local park as you do so. Perhaps you’ve always been keen on martial arts or swimming; there are so many different ways to get your body moving, so just find something that suits you. Maintaining muscle strength and cardiovascular health is important for your heart and your body as well as your appearance in the mirror.

The smart route to pearly whites.

Everybody wants white teeth, but not everybody cares about whether they’re healthy or not; you may have had them whitened, but does that say anything about plaque build-up or the healthiness of your gums? You should be flossing as well as brushing your teeth; avoiding plaque and tar build-up is the smartest way to avoid gum disease and other health problems with your teeth or mouth in general. You could always consider affordable dental care if you were put off visiting your last clinic regularly because of the expense, as your health shouldn’t be something that you have to put a price on; you should always prioritize it, and that goes without saying.

Sleeping well can improve your appearance.

Those bags under your eyes and your slouching posture are both things which diminish your appearance. Both could be improved by simply sleeping well because better energy levels mean better concentration and better posture in your office chair or at home (rather than slowly sinking into your seat as you begin to doze off). Of course, sleeping well is important for your body so many different ways. It’s not just about getting enough sleep but sleeping in a bed which supports your body and its posture. You don’t want to have aches and pains throughout the day; ensure your mattress is supportive. Ideally, you should change them every seven years.

Looking after your mind.

You might be wondering how your mental state could possibly affect your physical appearance, but there’s a clear link between the body and the mind. Your stress levels, for example, can have a huge effect on your facial appearance. Blemishes such as acne definitely flare up during periods of intense stress, so it’s important to work on taking better care of your mental health. Practice meditating to focus on centering yourself, and you might notice the physical benefits.


4 Tips To Keep Your Smile In Tip Top Shape

Keeping your teeth in a good condition is so important if you want to look fantastic. It can make your smile look bad if your teeth are not looking great. Here are some unmissable ways to get your teeth looking ideal.

Brush Them At Least Twice A Day

One simple way to get your teeth looking great is to ensure you are brushing them at least twice a day. So many people forget to do it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. But it’s so important that you do brush them if you want to keep them looking good. By brushing them, it’s ensuring all food particles are washed away, and your teeth stay in a good condition. Make sure you are doing it for a good amount of time as well. So many people rush brushing their teeth, but it will mean you'll miss cleaning everyone. You can get many electric toothbrushes which have a timer which will go off when two minutes has passed. Also, don’t just go for the cheapest toothpaste; make sure you pick one which will keep them in a good condition!


Use Teeth Whitening Treatment

Another simple way to get your teeth looking great is by using a teeth whitening treatment. If you have been smoking or drinking alcohol, your teeth often can become discolored. It can also happen if you haven’t brushed your teeth correctly and bacteria is now growing. We talked previously about how to avoid getting yellow teeth. You can get many different toothpastes which will help to whiten your teeth. You can also get whitening strips that you can use at home. You can also go to the dentist and get a professional whitening treatment which will last for longer. It’s important to make sure your teeth are looking great if you want a beautiful smile.

Consider Getting Braces

You should also consider getting braces if you want to straighten your teeth so they look perfect. It can help you to build confidence and you will feel happier with a better smile. They do have to stay in a while, so you need to be sure about getting braces. Talk to your dentist about the pro’s and con’s of braces, so you can decide whether they are right for you.


Use Mouthwash And Floss Regularly

Another simple way to get your teeth looking great is by ensuring you are using mouthwash and floss. A lot of people think that brushing their teeth is enough, but you might end up leaving food in your mouth which could turn into bacteria. Mouthwash is also essential to help you to get fresh breath, while floss can ensure that your smile stays great during the day. Here is a guide to choosing the right floss and mouthwash for you to use every day.

Hopefully, you can keep your teeth looking great so you can have an award-winning smile!


3 Ways To Get The Perfect Smile

We all know that the easiest way to a beautiful smile is to improve your oral hygiene. This won’t take much doing –you will just have to brush your teeth more often and see your dentist regularly. If that still doesn’t seem to help improve your teeth to your liking, you can always try a dental treatment. Your dentist will be able to carry out these procedures. Interested to know more? Read on for all the information you need!

Teeth Whitening

You can always buy teeth whitening kits over the counter at your local drug store. However, for best results you need to see your dentist. This may be a lot more expensive, but the results will be far better and will last for much longer. One thing to bear in mind is that this may not make your teeth super white, but it will make them a few shades lighter and get rid of any stains. The procedure will be done in stages, and you will need to visit your dentist a few times over a couple of months. He will make a mold of your teeth and give you whitening teeth to apply at home. Over time, the gel will brighten up your teeth and give you a beautiful smile!



If your teeth is not as perfect as you would want it, your dentist can attach braces to them to help straighten them out. There are two types of braces: fixed and removable. If you have fixed ones, they will be attached to your teeth at all times. Removable ones can be taken off for cleaning. Normally, patients will need to wear their braces for a long period. On average, this can be between 18 and 24 months. After you have them removed, you may still be required to wear mouthpieces overnight. This is to make sure your teeth don’t move straight back into their original positions. Some people prefer to have invisible braces made out of see-through plastic. There are some different options available, including Invisalign Braces.


Dental Veneers

Veneers are artificial covers placed over your teeth. They are permanently attached and disguise discoloration and stains on your teeth. They can also be used to cover up a chipped tooth. However, more often than not, they are only used as a cosmetic treatment. Even though they are permanently attached to your teeth, it is still possible to chip them, just like normal teeth. To affix them, your dentist will need to drill into your front teeth slightly. He will then take an impression so that he can make veneers that will fit your teeth. This may sound like a scary procedure, but you have nothing to worry about! You will be given an anesthetic so that you won’t feel a thing.

If anyone of these treatments sounds like it could help you towards your perfect smile, speak to your dentist about it. They will be able to talk to you about the procedure and discuss any other options you may have.


Everything You Need To Know About Yellow Teeth And How To Avoid Them

We all want to maximize our natural beauty. Preparing our skin and keeping it healthy is just a small part of it. We also spend a lot of that time reapplying makeup and tidying up our hair throughout the day to make sure we are still looking as good as we did when we left the house for work. At bedtime, we have our nightly routines for healthy skin care. The makeup comes off, and our skin is re-hydrated and replenished with a night cream before bed. Somewhere in there, our teeth have just a few minutes of attention, but dentists are now recommending so much more.

Having white teeth is still considered a cosmetic procedure instead of an essential part of our oral health. None of us could bear it if our teeth were anything but bright white and healthy looking. Natural tooth color isn’t quite that white though. As we age, the enamel becomes stained by what we eat and drink. Older teeth also tend to have thinner enamel. This makes the yellow dentin more visible. There are several options for restoring or improving the whiteness of our teeth. Teeth whitening is important if you want to look your best.

Despite all our beauty efforts, it could be our teeth that let us down first. When we meet people, we naturally smile so their eyes are drawn to our lips and teeth. This is why it is essential to make sure our teeth are perfect. Keep them looking perfect with a bit of extra effort between meals. Some dentists suggest brushing straight after meals can damage the enamel, but few would steer us away from flossing after every meal. This gets all the little bits of food away from our teeth and out of the gums to help us avoid getting staining and cavities between the teeth.

Our diet goes a long way to making sure our skin stays hydrated, blemish free and glowing. The same goes for our teeth. If you are in desperate need of a coffee in the morning, try swapping it out for a caffeine tablet that won’t stain your teeth. Chew gum to help your saliva fight plaque and loosen stains. Enjoy more vegetables than fruits because fruit can contain enamel damaging acids. Drink plenty of water and rinse your mouth after meals.

White teeth are a sign of youth and good health. If your teeth are white, you are more confident in your smile, which naturally draws people to you. If you don’t have brilliant white teeth, red lipstick will tell on you. Instead try shades of plum and pink to hide any off-white shading your teeth may have. You can get your teeth whitened professionally to bring your smile back. Avoid white clothing if you have yellow teeth too. If you have a blue-tinge to your eyeballs, this can make your yellow teeth stand out even more. Try some eye drops to refresh your eyes and a professional whitening for your teeth.


How do you keep your teeth white?