Getting Into Good Teeth Care Habits

For many of us, taking care of our teeth involves just one thing, brushing them. But, as we get older, it's important that we look after our teeth as much as we do our health, our body, and our mind. This means getting into the habit of looking after your teeth better. What are the best things for you to do, not just to ensure that you have a gleaming smile, but your teeth don't provide you with problems in the future?

It’s Not Just About Brushing

Yes, everybody knows the importance of flossing. But it's not just about getting those little bits of food out of your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach, you have to keep on top of flossing because if you don't, these little bits of food could find their way into your bloodstream. Amazingly, dormant bits of plaque can infiltrate your bloodstream through the gums and can build up which could contribute to heart disease!

What Is Your Brushing Habit?

Some people brush soft and some people hack at their teeth like it's a tree ready to be chopped down! The sweet spot to ensure that you are giving your teeth thorough clean is somewhere in between. Here is the real test, if you have wisdom teeth, do they hurt? Believe it or not, if you have wisdom teeth and they don't cause you problems, this is a sign that your brushing habit is excellent. So, make sure that you give your teeth a thorough brush, so much so that the bristles look like they've been battered. And while it's expensive to keep buying new toothbrushes all the time, this is where a monthly toothbrush subscription will come in handy. As we get older, we can neglect our teeth and think that the habits we learned when we were children will suffice, this is far from the case.

It's Time To Kick Those Bad Habits!

The fact is, we all know the habits that give us yellow teeth, plaque, and bad breath but we aren't prepared to give them up. If this is you, and you like a drink, maybe smoke, as well as having an incredibly sugary diet, it's about limiting your vices. But getting into the habit of looking after your teeth stems from a healthy lifestyle. Cutting down on sugary foods will reduce your cavities, and if you get into the habit of drinking more water, especially after consuming acidic and sugary foods, you are saving your teeth. While we can all be a bit stubborn when it comes to those vices, if we can actively look to cut down, especially as we get older, we won't need to go to the dentist as much.

As far as our health priorities are concerned, our teeth tend to be way down the list. It's not too difficult to look after our teeth; it's just about having the right habits. And the habits are surprisingly simple. If you are making changes to your lifestyle to better your body and brain, give some consideration to your teeth as well.


My Core Health Rules: Must Read

If you're anything like me, you'll know that your health is super important. Sure, you need to have fun, but that doesn't mean that you should harm yourself. If you over-do anything, it could have be a problem. There are some rules that I follow at all times. If you want to stay as healthy as possible, I suggest that you follow them as well.

Check them out below...

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1. Don't Carb Overload

I'm not denying the fact that a plate full of pasta is delicious. It is. I can't lie. That doesn't mean that I eat it all the time. I take my health seriously. That means that I avoid carb overloading. When you eat too much of this stuff, you end up feeling sleepy and lazy. It's not right! You need to cut down on these things as much as you can. Sure, these tasty treats are nice in moderation but don't overdo it.



2. Deep clean your teeth


Everyone cleans their teeth, but you need to go one step further than that. I used to use a normal brush, but it wasn't doing the job. If you want a deep clean, you need to try panasonic toothbrushes rather than regular ones. I promise they will make a massive difference to your smile. I find that using electric brushes has helped me to get the shiny teeth I wanted.



3. Learn to breathe


You might think that this rule sounds insane but stay with me a second. Most of the time, when people breathe, they fail to get as much oxygen as they should. If you want to make the most of your body, you need to learn how it works. You should learn how to take deep breaths so that you feel great all the time. Take some time to perfect this skill. When you do so, you will find that it changes the way you feel in more ways than you can imagine.



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4. One glass of wine is fine

We all love a glass of wine from time to time, but you need to be careful. Sure, drinking one glass is no problem, but when you drink in excess, though, it can be an issue. There seems to be a culture of drinking too much, and I think you should avoid that. Stay within your alcohol limit each day. In doing so, you will be helping your body to stay as healthy as possible. Don't binge drink or you could have some real health issues.


5. Avoid fried food

Sometimes, you may find that you crave fried food. Who doesn't love the smell of deep fried food, am I right? The key here is to avoid eating it at all costs. I'm going to let you in on a secret - fatty food is addictive. The more you have it, the more you will crave it. That means that you can stop yourself wanting it by stopping eating it. Over time, you will see that you want it less and less. Trust me.


Sound Off: What are some words of wisdom that you live by when being healthy?

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