Why Everything We Hate About Dentists Is Wrong

If dentists are your pet peeve, or if you are panicking at the idea of needing to make an appointment to get your teeth checked, think again. Most people nourish a form of dentist hate, and it is often unjustified. It is time to debunk the myth of horror based on the unreasonable fear and misconceptions that surround the dentist profession.


The Dentist Has A Big Needle

The fear of needle, which is sometimes referred to as Trypanophobia, is the phobia of medical procedures that involves injections. The needle phobia is officially recognized by the medical and psychiatric body and can lead to intense reactions from the sufferer, such as fainting, hyperventilation, and much more. It is likely that you probably dislike needles more than you suffer from phobic reactions in their presence. This is not specifically a dentist-focused terror, but you need to understand the purpose of the dentist needle: Anesthetic. There is a lot of non-invasive dentistry processes that do not require local anesthesia. But more significant processes, such as the treatment of a cavity, are not possible without proper pain management. You need to remember that dentistry treatment with an anesthetic will be a painful experience that the needle saves you from. While some prefer to master the art of pain management with the mind it is a lot easier and safer to rely on the dentist needle.


It Is Impossible To Get An Appointment

Many patients love the excuse that it is impossible to get a proper appointment with a dentist when you need one. Generally, this is the excuse that is most commonly used to never book any maintenance appointment that would avoid the emergency call at the earliest hours of the morning for an acute toothache. Regular maintenance meetings with your dentist will avoid the imposed painful emergency by taking good care of your teeth and sorting out problems before they have the time to develop. Additionally, don’t believe the myth that you can only see your dentist during office hours. There are plenty of flexible dentists who offer weekend appointments, such as SaturdayDentist.org for example.

It Is Always Painful

Your teeth are vulnerable and sensitive. But, often experiencing tooth pain at the dentist is rarely the dentist’s fault. This occurs because you have waited too long to get an appointment, or because you have skipped maintenance appointments. Besides, the needle that is part of the dentist myth is essential to proper pain management. Modern dentistry is comfortable and easy and has nothing to do with the torture lab that many patients imagine.


I Am Too Anxious

Dentists are aware that many patients only come with an intense sense of dread to the waiting room. This is the reason why the reception area is carefully prepared to reassure, and the receptionist will have a tendency to provide friendly pieces of advice over the phone or in person if you ask them. Dentists much prefer patients to get in touch a little too often if this helps them to feel better prepared for their appointment and to overcome their anxiety. Don’t be afraid to mention your fear to your dentist in advance, so that they can help you to feel more comfortable.